Pawn Stars’ Olivia Black Nude Photos

26 Dec

Olivia Black is someone you might be familiar with if you’ve ever watched Pawn Stars. Yeah, she’s “that cute brunette with the tattoos.” However, it’s very likely that you’ve actually seen more of her without knowing it. Olivia Black also went by the name Belladonna (no relation to the awesome and absolutely hardcore porn star Belladonna) when she posed nude for the softcore punk/goth themed SuicideGirls website. Some of her images, which I’ve helpfully shared above for purely scientific reasons, are particularly well-known, so I’m surprised nobody had picked up on this earlier. She was recently fired from Pawn Stars after this revelation, leading some to assume that she was kicked off the show due to her racy past. Because, as we all know, posing nude is bad and immoral whereas taking advantage of desperate people selling their prized possessions to pay their bills is totally commendable.

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