Julia Alexandratou Fucks a Champagne Bottle in Sex Tape

2 Aug

If you like to see people get really dirty with inanimate objects, then you have got to see Julia Alexandratou’s sex tape! The tape starts off with Julia in a very small thong, rolling around on the bed. That’s only for a few seconds and then she gets up, strips, and goes over to the bathtub, which is empty by the way. But not for long!

Nude Julia takes a seat on the bathtub’s ledge and pours champagne all over her beautiful tummy and even more beautifully shaved pussy. Then she takes the empty bottle and starts shoving it up her vag! And I have to tell you, this girl is talented. She shoves it up there quite hard, with the help of her licked fingers and continues to play with it and shove it up and down trying to get off. Nearing the end, it becomes quite clear that the bottle just ain’t doin it for her anymore, and she continues to play with herself, raising her legs for the ultimate O.

Either she never gets there or she has her orgasms in the sweetest and quietest way. While she looked happy, I bet you she’d rather fuck the camera guy who keeps whispering in Greek to her, than the cold hard bottle. And that’s probably what they did once the camera was turned off. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see that.

Julia Alexandratou is slightly mortified over the sex tape saying that she doesn’t understand why people need to make “science fiction out of her privates.” I don’t really know what that means, since we weren’t actually the ones who shoved a bottle up her twat. She’s also said that there will be no sequel. Apparently, she “did it once and learned from the mistake.” That I don’t get either. Where’s the mistake? Looked like a beautiful piece of film to me! Unfortunately, there are no stills of the movie that can be found so we dug up these beautiful naked pics of Julia for ya!

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