Jessica Marais Topless Scene in Magic City

30 Apr

Jessica Marais is an Australian beauty currently starring on Starz’ drama Magic City. It’s another show banking off Mad Men by being set in the late 50’s, but so what? It has tits and that’s all that should matter. For those of you who’ve known of Jessica Marais before her appearance on this show, you likely recognize her as a blonde, although she goes full sultry-brunette for this series and it’s damn hot. Of course, I don’t know if it’s the dark hair that makes her sexy or the simple fact that she’s baring her tits in these screencaps from one of the episodes. Big and perky, I have a feeling these breasts will be in the running for Best Breasts of 2012. They look like they’re probably implants, but if they were shoved in your face, I guarantee you’d be happy as a goddamn clam.

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