Jennette McCurdy Leaked Lingerie Photos

4 Mar

Jennette McCurdy, who played Sam on Nickelodeon’s iCarly and Sam and Kat, has been added to the list of female celebrities who have had naughty photos leaked to the public. To be honest, they’re actually pretty tame as far as scandalous photos go, with Jennette posing for the camera in skimpy lingerie, but seeing the petite blonde cutie like this is pretty sexy nonetheless. Granted, I think the reason these photos are becoming so viral is that they’re yet another example of a presumably-wholesome actress from Disney or Nickelodeon who “surprisingly” is really just like most college-aged girls. Much like Hannah Montana likes to smoke pot and twerk her ass, “Sam Puckett” likes to send sexy cheesecake photos of herself to some guy. Unfortunately, Jennette McCurdy felt the need to apologize on Facebook, which doesn’t really seem fair. Nobody should have to apologize for having a sex life.

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