Cara from MTV’s Buckwild Nude Photos

14 Jan

Jersey Shore may be gone, but its legacy lives on as MTV introduces Buckwild, essentially the rural version of its previous hit money-maker. Gone are Snooki and JWoWW, replaced with some new girls including Cara Parrish, “The Firecracker”. This supposed firecracker has already lit some sparks, having posed nude for some modeling (or “modeling”) photos in the past. She’s pretty cute and you have to admit it’s a bonus that these pics already exist before she becomes “famous.” These aren’t just pics of her tits in a sheer top, either, these are full frontal nudity photos, featuring her firm breasts and shaved pussy. I can’t say the latter is what I think of when I think of rural West Virginia, but maybe the people in this show (gasp!) aren’t the hillbillies they want us to think they are. The show also has a sizeable cast, including other sexy females other than Cara Parrish, so expect some better quality celeb photos, at the least, compared to the Jersey Shore girls.

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