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Moron Cheats on Claudia Schiffer

26 Jun


Sometimes it’s really tough to understand people, as Claudia Schiffer‘s husband has allegedly cheated on her and knocked up his mistress. Granted, said mistress was the smoking hot January Jones, eight years younger than Claudia. But really, is that any excuse? Just look at these recent pics of Claudia Schiffer: whether she’s clothed or fully topless, she’s still incredibly hot, especially for 40 years old. Any guy who’d risk losing a stunning MILF like her has some serious issues and doesn’t deserve either hottie.

Perhaps after husband Matthew Vaughn saw January Jones on the set of his X-Men film, in full costume as Emma Frost, he just couldn’t hold back his geeky fantasies. I’m willing to bet, though, that Claudia Schiffer would have donned the costume of any of the X-Men for him and looked damn hot doing it. Or maybe that’s just my own geeky fantasies speaking now.

Alexandra Daddario Bare Ass in Vanity Fair

9 Apr

Alexandra Daddario, aka “that girl who I want to see play Wonder Woman”, might now be better known as “that brunette from True Detective with the big tits“. In what was definitely the hottest nude scene of the year, in my book, Ms. Daddario bared her large breasts and her ass. Even seeing those huge boobs beneath the thin top she was wearing beforehand was a lovely sight, but I have a feeling this will still be the best nude scene of 2014. Granted, Game of Thrones is just starting up again, and could have some contenders of its own. Anyway, Alexandra Daddario is also featured in May’s issue of Vanity Fair, where you can see her ass once again, as well as some sideboob. This girl just radiates sexiness, whether you’re busy staring at her curvy body or into her haunting blue eyes. I hope she can prove herself as an actress, because I’d love her seeing on screen more often.

Miley Topless Again and Kim Kardashian’s Bikini Ass

6 Apr

Miley Cyrus is topless on a horse. She’s also wearing a dark wig and holding a blunt, because why not. This is supposedly the uncropped version of the photo used for the cover art of the “Adore You” remix. How many more topless Miley photos will we see this year? I’m gonna go with “plenty”. Speaking of plenty, Kim Kardashian still has curves a-plenty, and they’re nearly bursting out of her bikini. Taking some time to check out her reflection, Kim once again flaunts that huge booty, and her bikini bottoms fail to cover it completely. There’s just no taming that ass, and it’s glorious. Her boobs face a similar struggle, the undersized top just not up to the task, resulting in cleavage galore. She should probably try and find clothing that actually fits her, but I’m not going to be the one to tell her that and spoil the fun.

Miranda Kerr’s Tits and Ass in GQ UK

3 Apr

Once again proving that European magazines are better than American ones, GQ UK had a photoshoot with Miranda Kerr, and it delivers. Sure, we normally see her in lingerie anyway, but these photos are definitely better than any in a Victoria’s Secret catalog. One has her in a pair of panties and a sheer top, her breasts and nipples very much seen through the fabric. The second keeps it rolling, now opting for her in nothing but a mesh tank top and it may as well be a topless photo. It’s one of the hottest pics I’ve seen of Miranda Kerr in months, that’s for sure. And while the last one hides those awesome tits of hers save for a bit of sideboob, we’re treated to a view of her perfect ass while she poses nearly-nude, wearing just a pair of thigh-high socks. I bet the UK version of Better Homes and Gardens has tits too.

Michelle Rodriguez and Topless Girlfriend Cara Delevingne

31 Mar

One of the weirder famous couples out there has to be Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne. Don’t get me wrong, they’re adorable, but that is definitely a couple I never would have predicted. Nor would I have imagined that today I’d see pictures of them making out in Cancun, though I might have correctly guessed that Cara Delevingne would be topless, since she’s done that before. We don’t get to see Michelle Rodriguez’ tits here, but Cara’s perky little supermodel boobs are nice in their own right. I’m confident that in the next few years, we’ll be seeing more openly gay or bisexual celebrity couples. Who gives a shit about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie when we could be fantasizing about an Ellen Page/Miranda Kerr power couple? And that’s not even getting into the inevitable lesbian celebrity sex tapes! Never change, Hollywood.

Candace Cameron Bure Flaunts Her Sexy Legs

28 Mar

I hope we can all agree that Full House was terrible. If not, you should catch a rerun of it and be shocked at just how bad it is. Now that some of the darker days of family sitcoms are behind us, we can take stock of what we got. Lori Loughlin showed up in all her milfiness on the 90210 reboot, and the Olsen Twins eventually turned 18 and kinda hot. As it turns out, Candace Cameron Bure (who played oldest daughter DJ Tanner) has also turned out pretty hot. She’s currently on Dancing With The Stars, and these candid photos of her showing up to practice suggest that she does a lot of practice. What I’m trying to say is that her legs are amazing, and she’s really showing them off here with her short outfit and high heels. I don’t watch the show, but I hope she sticks around so that the rest of the country can enjoy the leggy blonde bombshell that annoying DJ Tanner turned into.

Eva Green’s Perfect Boobs in 300 Rise of an Empire

25 Mar

Eva Green is one of those women that men seem to be split on; you either think she’s really hot or you don’t see what all the fuss is about. I’ve found myself in the latter category, but these HD shots of the dark-haired, French actress from 300: Rise of an Empire might have just converted me. Maybe it’s the dark makeup, maybe it’s the multiple ear piercings she has, or maybe it’s her unbelievably perfect tits. With a lot of celebs I want to see topless, sometimes the reality is disappointing. Yet Eva Green has a pair of boobs that would make a model, stripper, or porn star jealous. The movie wasn’t even that great, but Eva’s powerful performance and stunning body have shown that she’s one of the luckier women in the business who has not only a killer body, but enough presence to establish herself as a character rather than a prop (Megan Fox).

Anais Zanotti Bikini Nipple Slip

22 Mar

What are the odds that I’d have two consecutive posts with sexy women named Anais. This time it’s Anais Zanotti, A French-Italian beauty who looks fucking incredible in a bikini. She’s also a stuntwoman and skydiver, because she just had to be even more interesting. The unique design of her skimpy bikini makes it look like it could fall apart at any time. And while that doesn’t happen, it is loose enough that her nipples partially slip into view, which is still pretty good! The bikini also accentuates her tiny waist, which gives her a very impressive hourglass figure. And yes, because being a perky-titted, small-waisted model-stuntwoman isn’t enough, she’s got a nice ass to boot. She’s already made appearances in Playboy and various other mens magazines, but one can hope that her career really takes off. This is a woman who definitely needs to be in the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Lake Bell Topless Again and More Sexy Celebs

19 Mar

Today I’ve got a trio of semi-celebs for you, covering a decent range of body types. Lake Bell would have to be the headliner here; she’s already shown her awesome tits on TV, but they look even better here covered only by bodypaint (or something similar enough). She and Alexandra Daddario are both very busty and very hot, and have made recent prime time TV even better with their topless scenes. And while she brings the boobs, Viviana Figueredo brings the ass, shown here in a little bikini. It really speaks for itself, in all its perfect roundness. The beautiful Anais Mali may lack the curves of the other two ladies, but she’s no less stunning for it. The lean, 5’10” model looks tantalizing in her bikini top and cutoff denim shorts, flaunting her slender body and her long legs. It’s a candid shot that really looks like it could be an advertisement for something, and I want whatever she’s selling.

Scarlett Johansson’s Winter Soldier Cleavage

16 Mar

Scarlett Johansson, just by being Scarlett Johansson, has a pretty easy time of making it to this site. While she has yet to top her alleged nude cell phone pictures, she does have that impressive cleavage that’s always a treat to see. For the premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, in which she reprises her role as the catsuit-clad badass Black Widow, she has The Ladies out on display just like the good old days. The busty blonde poses proudly, damn near thrusting her tits outward for the photographers to capture in all their majestic glory. “Are you not entertained?” Scarlett Johansson’s huge tits seem to ask as they struggle to break free from the confines of her tight top. I think I already know who would win, but I’d nonetheless enjoy seeing Scarlett have a cleavage competition with Christina Hendricks. You know, for science.

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