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Emma Watson and Hermione’s Farewell Nip Slip

23 Jul

The Harry Potter movie series is now complete, which means we get no more of sexy Hermione Granger and her long hair. Emma Watson, as you’ve likely seen, has chopped it off for a much shorter pixie look, which admittedly does work quite well for her. Plus she also graced us with the sexy nipple slip above, which is a pretty decent trade-off. Really, her career is just beginning, and who knows whether she’ll continue doing fantasy films or whether she’ll quickly move into Black Swan territory like Natalie Portman, one actress she’s often compared to. Having been saddled with the Harry Potter series for so long, it wouldn’t be surprising to see her quickly moving into sexier territory to let the world know she’s a woman and not just Hermione. The nipple slip is the first step, her recent appearance in a little strapless dress might be the second, but we can only wait and see how far she’ll go.

Jasmine Waltz Sex Tape Now Available

22 Jul

Jasmine Waltz has a sex tape out now! Who the hell is Jasmine Waltz? We don’t really know either, but some research shows that she was David Arquette‘s mistress, which isn’t exactly a claim to fame. Famous or not, though, she’s fucking hot, looking like a cross between Megan Fox and Adrianne Curry. The video’s being peddled at where you can see a preview and some screen-caps of her tight little body and big tits. No doubt she’s trying to get attention like Kim Kardashian and the like despite her supposed surprise at this tape being leaked to the public, but who gives a shit? She’s hot, she’s fucking and sucking on film, and that’s all the excuse we’ve ever needed to watch porn stars in action. Hell, sometimes we even skimp on the hotness, but with Jasmine Waltz that’s not an issue at all. This is the type of woman we want to see in crazy, mainstream porn. Make it happen, folks, this is just the beginning!

Taylor Momsen Flashing Her Tits Again

21 Jul

Just when I was starting to think Taylor Momsen would pace herself before turning 18 on July 26, she goes and does something like this. The 17 year old singer isn’t shy at all about her sexuality, using that jailbait status to drive men (and women!) wild. She knows how to get around some difficulties, covering her nipples with electrical tape before flashing her perky teen tits to adoring audiences. We see her doing it again in Barcelona, having no qualms about showing off her skinny, sexy body. This time, however, Taylor Momsen takes things a bit further than just going topless, inviting a bunch of other girls on stage for some fun. She strips some of them down to their bras and panties and we even get some crazy hot pics of her grinding up against some other attention-starved teen. With less than two weeks to go before she hits the big “one-eight” we can only speculate what will happen at her birthday party/concert. Full nudity? Orgy? Something involving livestock?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Doesn’t Need to Transform

20 Jul

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley isn’t really a household name, but Megan Fox wasn’t always one either. Rosie essentially replaced Megan Fox by becoming the eye candy in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Fortunately, this British Victoria’s Secret model doesn’t need to transform at all, herself, because she’s pretty much perfect. With measurements of 34-25-35, she has a lovely and skinny hourglass figure, but these pics show that more than any numbers could. Her appearance in the new Transformers film as Carly Spencer could skyrocket her to stardom, and it will be interesting to see whether she continues modeling or sticks with acting. Either way, she’s already done topless photo shoots, so we can only hope she appears in more movies with those perky tits on display in high definition. Until then, enjoy her in the new Transformers movie; even if it’s not good, there’s something else to drool over other than giant robots.

Paulina Porizkova’s Amazing 46 Year Old Body

19 Jul

One would expect supermodels to really let themselves go decades later, but some still look amazing as ever. Our previous post on Claudia Schiffer shows her looking like a stunning MILF at age 40, and now we have Czech beauty Paulina Porizkova looking pretty damn amazing (and topless) at age 46. As you can see, she doesn’t look the same as she did back in the ’80s, but can you really expect her to? These are totally candid shots, not professional glamour photos like Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issues, and she looks damn hot. Her ass may not be as perky, but it’s still a fantastic bubble butt shown off by her skimpy bikini bottoms, which she’s totally rocking at nearly 50 years old. Even more remarkable are her surprisingly perky tits, having defied gravity to look beautiful after over 20 years. If you enjoyed her “back in the day”, enjoy her some more today. If you’ve never heard of her, now isn’t a bad time to start lusting after her judging by these pics.

Anna Paquin True Blood Tit Flash

18 Jul

Sure, I just posted a whopping three different girls on True Blood who just bared their tits for the world, but now I have to double up because Anna Paquin decided to get in on the act herself. The star of True Blood, and winner of an Oscar, Anna Paquin decided to give us a teasing flash of bare tit. I’m not a fan of the show, but if you watch it for the sexiness or sit through it because your girlfriend loves it, your time is rewarded with this hot, high-class actress’ sexily desperate show of tit. Maybe she was afraid that the rest of the cast was stealing the show with their blatantly topless antics and decided to do it yet again herself? Whatever the reason, True Blood and tits go together like vampires and pale skin, so enjoy!

True Blood Tittyrama

16 Jul

I’ve watched all of one episode of True Blood and decided it wasn’t my thing, but at the least I’ve been missing out on a bunch of topless babes. On last night’s episode of True Blood, I missed out on a total of six tits! (That’s three women, for those of you that failed math or live near Chernobyl where this number varies) Janina Gavankar, Alexandra Breckenridge, and Lindsay Pulsipher all have a sexual scene of some type and all three of them have some nice, perky tits. With Game of Thrones finished for the season, we’ve gotta get our HBO titty fix from something else, so there’s always True Blood to fall back on if you like your girls to be topless vampires, topless werewolves, and so forth. There’s a theme here, if you hadn’t picked up on that.

Miley Cyrus Slutty Braless Twitpic

15 Jul

Miley Cyrus is 18 now and realizing that she can no longer stay popular strictly due to her previous jailbait status. Since Twitter and Twitpic are the most popular modes of expression for attention whores like Kim Kardashian and Adrianne Curry, little Miley has joined in on the fun. Her recentl upload to Twitpic features her in an off-the-shoulder top which shows off a teasing bit of bare cleavage, while also making it clear she’s wearing nothing beneath. Her hard nipple pokes out against the fabric, practically shouting, “Look at me!” So, hey, look at it. Who knows, maybe today we’re getting some Miley Cyrus nipple pokies and tomorrow we’re getting her in some pics that would make Nicole “Coco” Austin blush. The skinny, country-pop starlet still has a ways to go if she wants to keep the horny guys drooling over her.

Emily Browning Nipple Slip and Lingerie

14 Jul

Emily Browning might be best known as the sexy blonde girl from the fetish-fuel film Sucker Punch. Soon she’ll be known as the sexy girl from Sleeping Beauty who shows off her nipples in skimpy lingerie. And, really, what actress wouldn’t want to be known for that? She was quite cute as a brunette, but she’s even hotter now that she’s gone blonde, as anyone who’s seen Sucker Punch can and should attest to. These pics from her new film, Sleeping Beauty, have her somewhere in between with light brown hair, a bit reddish, but all you care about are her nipples. Fine, here are some pics of her in some very skimpy and sexy white lingerie, showing off her petite little body. If you look closer, you’ll see that her nipples are even peeking out over the top of her bra, and judging by the sight of her nude (if turned away) body on the poster, there’s at least some chance we’ll get to see some actual tit later on.

Avril Lavigne Nipple Slip on a Yacht

13 Jul

I’ve been a fan of Avril Lavigne for years, not because I give a damn about her music, but because she has a hot little body and enjoys showing it off in punky little outfits. Sure, she’s not quite as trashy-hot as Taylor Momsen, but she has her own thing going. Neckties, raccoon eye makeup, pink-streaked hair: I can get behind that! Tiny bikinis aren’t really the thing I’d imagine her wearing; hell, I don’t picture her going out in the sun at all, which could explain her massive hat in these pics. But you’re not here for the hat, you’re here for Avril Lavigne’s sexy nipple slip as she chooses a bandeau bikini top a size or so too small for even her petite body. The hat can’t hide who that nipple belongs to, as it’s quite clearly our lovely punky Avril in (and out) of that pink and purple bikini. You can keep your hat on, Avril, but our hats are off to you and your nipslip.

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