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Lara Stone, Kate Moss, and More Go Nude for Pirelli Calendar

29 Sep

The Pirelli Calendar is a long-running tradition, a trade calendar released to friends/clients of the Pirelli company rather than a calendar sold in stores. It began in 1964 and continues today, this year’s calendar shot by Mario Sorrenti. It features a number of nude photographs of celebrities and models, and the three most worthy of note out of the 2011 calendar would have to be Lara Stone, Kate Moss, and Milla Jovovich. Dutch beauty Lara Stone proves that one doesn’t have to be stick-thin to be a model, proudly showing off her amazing 32D breasts in this beautiful photo. Kate Moss and Milla Jovovich, on the other hand, are definitely for those who like the rail-thin model look. Kate still looks stunning as always, a nice-sized pair of breasts on her slender frame, capped with hard nipples. And, really, how can anybody not like Milla Jovovich? She may not be the greatest actress in the world, but she does manage to look bewitching no matter what she’s doing. More so when posing completely nude.

The Top Ten Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2011

28 Sep

Hopefully by now you’ve heard of Mr. Skin, pretty much the top site for anything related to nude celebrities, sex tapes, and the like. The magnificent horny bastards there have listed their top ten nude scenes of 2011, and it’s not a list I can argue with. I posted on Bianca Kajlich‘s nude scene where she bares a flawless pair of tits, and that starts the list off at #10. There’s the hot lesbian sex scene from Game of Thrones featuring Esme Bianco and Sahara Knite. Elizabeth Olsen proved that she has more meat on her bones than her older sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley, and by meat I’m pretty much referring to her awesome breasts. The choiecs for #1 and #2, though, I think could go either way. Lake Bell took the top spot with her D-cups in How to Make it in America, while the more petite (but no less sexy) Emmy Rossum flashed her chest in Shameless. Sign up for Mr. Skin to check out the full 14-minute video of these ten nude scenes, and get access to an absolutely enormous amount of scandalous celebrity content.

Adrianne Curry to Go Topless at 300,000 Twitter Followers

25 Sep

Adrianne Curry is no stranger to this site, although she sadly hasn’t been as active in her attention whoring as usual. Her Twitpic page is seriously lacking in updates! However, possibly as a way to remedy this vast oversight, she’s upped the ante. Sure, she hasn’t posted many pictures of her lately wearing bikinis or slutty Star Wars costumes, but she has decided that if she has 300,000 Twitter followers, she’ll post some topless photos. She’s currently just over 268,000, so for those of you who aren’t very good with math, we need 32,000 more and there have to easily be that many guys who’d love to see Adrianne Curry’s topless photos. Do your part and make your country proud! I leave you with this deep, insightful quote:

“I love my boobs, love other boobs, and think people should look at boobs all the time.”Adrianne Curry

Victoria Justice in Fishnets and Boots for the Holidays

24 Sep

It’s the beginning of the month and Victoria Justice is already in the Christmas spirit, doing what she can to make your North Pole rise. I’m not sure why Santa hats are so cute on women, but it’s not a fact that can be argued. Really, just try. The sexy brunette is decked out in plenty of red and white, no doubt a subliminal message to make you imagine her as a candy cane. Of course there are even more lurid images to be had given that she’s prancing around in a little pair of striped shorts, white fishnet stockings, and some kinky knee-high boots. However innocent Victoria Justice might try and act, it’s obvious from this outfit that she knows exactly what sort of effect she has on men, and that makes this teen star even hotter. Still, I can only hope that a seasoned stage-slut like Taylor Momsen can show this girl what it really takes.

Clémence Poésy aka Fleur Delacour Topless Pictures

23 Sep

Clémence Poésy is a beautiful French actress that you probably only know from the Harry Potter films as Fleur Delacour. Even back when she was cast, she’d already posed topless in other films (she’s 29 now), and if you hadn’t heard about that before, better late than never. Sadly, we didn’t get to see her big French tits in the Potter films, which I consider a grievous oversight. And while those films were severely lacking in bare French boobage, the film “Bienvenue chez les Rozes” was not. Clémence Poésy posed in just a pair of panties, letting you really admire her slender body and big, perfect breasts before she played the quarter-Veela witch with the sexy accent we all love. I can only imagine that with the Harry Potter films behind her, she’ll get back into French art films where topless or even full frontal are the norm!

Lady Gaga Goes Nude for Vanity Fair Photos

22 Sep

As if it weren’t awesome enough for Lady Gaga to bare her ass for the Diddy-produced “Culo” book, now she’s gone and posed nude in Vanity Fair. Yeah, it’s not full frontal or anything, but it’s still a fucking hot picture regardless. The side-shot photo by the legendary Annie Liebovitz has Gaga stretching her lean, dancer body and showing just how incredible it is. The woman’s tinier than you might think, although the pose definitely makes her look even thinner. But seeing the contrast between her absolutely tiny waist and her round ass and toned thighs is too sexy for words. And while there’s not a clear ass or pussy shot, she does thrust her bare breasts upward, something she’s never been shy of flaunting. And, really, with perky, handful-sized breasts like hers, any woman should be proud to pose topless. Lady Gaga is a true exhibitionist, though, so we can always be sure to see more of her in the future.

Suelyn Medeiros Sex Tape Leaked to Internet

21 Sep

Remember last month when I posted about SueLyn Medeiros and her huge, amazing ass? Trust me, if you saw it, you’d remember. Sure, she looked great in tight yoga pants, but that’s nothing compared to the fact that she now has a sex tape out there on the net. Available through SueLyn Exposed, this sex tape features the Brazilian beauty getting fucked by her boyfriend, a video which was supposedly stolen from her computer and not intentionally leaked so that she could become the next Kim Kardashian. I mean, who would even assume such a thing? Anyway, here’s a short sample clip from the full video so you know what you have to look forward to: a hot Brazilian chick licking balls and getting fucked doggystyle. And then fucked doggystyle some more. And then some more. Because, seriously, with an ass like that, she must have guys trying to bend her over every day.

Courtney Stodden’s Jailbait Tits

20 Sep

I’m not even sure what can be said about Courtney Stodden that hasn’t already been said, so I’ll just talk about her tits some more. Are they silicone? Are they saline? Does it matter? They’re absolutely enormous on this 17-year-old gold-digger and as much as everyone complains about how stupid it is that she’s famous, everyone continues to drool over her jailbait tits nonetheless. Yes, her face is caked in six layers of makeup and she looks as if she could be one of the 40-something Real Housewives of Jefferson High School or whatever, but so long as you look below the neck you can do nothing but stare and (maybe) feel guilty for thinking about this teen attention whore in such naughty ways. If you’re anything like me, though, your morality was gone years ago. Besides, with however much plastic is stuffed in there, this can’t be any more perverted than staring at the cleavage of the wax sculptures in Madame Tussauds. What, you guys don’t do that?

Celebrities Go Nude for Diddy’s Culo Book

19 Sep

Culo is a book of asses, when it comes down to it. Photographed by Raphael Mazzucco, many women contributed to this book by flashing their derrieres. The name most associated with this book is Diddy’s (no, not his ass); no doubt his influence helped make it possible for many high-profile celebrities to sign onto the project and bare their butts for the asstastic book. Celebrities like who? Well, there’s Lady Gaga, who you might have heard of. I’ve always thought she has a perfect dancer’s body and an incredible ass, so I was quite pleased to see her addition to this book. Another very fit star, Nicole Scherzinger, flaunts her even more majestic booty on these pages! I’ve also rounded up an image of the leggy Stacy Keibler, showing that those flawless legs lead to an equally flawless ass. With other celebrities featured, like Irina Shayk, as well as lesser-known but bootylicious models, this book is a must-buy for any ass-fan this Christmas!

Cintia Dicker Topless and See-Through Pictures

18 Sep

Cintia Dicker has been a favorite of mine for a while, and not just because her name makes me giggle immaturely. She’s pretty much the ultimate redhead, with a sexy and slender model body. With a tiny waist and relatively wide hips, she looks amazing in just about anything, while her red hair and freckles add that extra hot touch. These photos of her in sheer lingerie make her look even better since, well, her nipples are quite clearly visible through the fabric. Naturally, wearing so little also serves to show you just how flawless her body is! There’s even a teasing topless picture, which is more of a sideboob shot than an actual topless photo, but it’s no less sexy for it. Since I don’t share enough redhead celebrities and models, I think someone like Cintia Dicker should be able to tide you over for quite some time.

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