The Women of Baywatch: Yasmine Bleeth

4 May

Who’s hotter than Yasmine Bleeth? Few are. And that’s why we’ve started this Women of Baywatch series with the brunette beauty that graced out televisions for far too few years. I’ve always thought that she’s way hotter than Pamela Anderson and it seems, she’s classier too. You’ll have a hard time finding any nude or topless pictures of Yasmine. It seems that her goods are hers and hers alone. But that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t posed for some pretty hot pics. She even shows us a little bit of nipple and boobage in her pretty blue bikini. The pic of Yasmine in the white bathing suit is from her ‘Got Milk?’ ad and there’s no doubt that Yasmine does our body good – with or without the milky ‘stach.

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Heidi Montag Is Ready To Show It All

3 May

The Hills star Heidi Montag is planning on stripping down for Playboy again, but this time she won’t be covering all of her naughty bits – we’ll get to see it all. The rumor is that the reality star recently underwent ten cosmetic surgery procedures in a day and now looks very much different than before when she posed for Playboy last year. And by different I mean she now boasts some massive DDD boobs.

Montag is said to be considering a $500,000 offer to show off her new hot body in a new hot spread. Since she has finally got her body the way she likes it, she is ready to show us everything without covering herself up.

A source says that, “Heidi loves her new body, but she’s especially happy about her breast implants… She’s finally ready to pose topless.”

Well good for her, and really good for us.

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Kate Ritchie Sex Tape is Boring and Bad Quality

2 May

Don’t bother looking for the Kate Ritchie sex tape, even though you’ll find it quite easily. I mean, it’s okay and there’s some good penetration action going on there in a few different ways. But the blowjob she gives him at the beginning of the tape is almost completely hidden by the blankets on the bed, and the entire tape is done in very, very bad quality. Which makes seeing anything even more difficult. It’s also quite obvious that this was waterbed fucking. Has anyone ever done it on a waterbed? It’s not good and you might end up kinda seasick. I was just from watching it!

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John Edwards’ Mysterious Sex Tape

1 May

Who cheats on their wife and videotapes it?! Seriously! This guy has got to be the most arrogant jackass I’ve ever heard of. Yes, the rumors have been confirmed. John Edwards, the dirty dirty politician that was actually almost elected President of the country does in fact have a sex tape! In the tape, John Edwards has sex with his mistress, Rielle Hunter, who in January, he admitted to fathering a child with.

There is only one tape that we know of right now, but there may be more and there are rumors that the sex tape may involve multiple women, or that there might be a few tapes with multiple women. No one can really be sure as of yet because currently, there is no tape to see. It’s currently in the hands of a judge. Rielle Hunter has a temporary restraining order against Andrew Young, the former aid of Edwards, and the one who first started clued us in on the existence of the tape. Until that matter is taken care of, we will be seeing no sex tape. Unless there’s a very generous bailiff at the courthouse that wants to leak it, and lose his job in the process.

Because the sex tape isn’t even available…yet….we  found a pretty good nude pic of John Edwards for you. Supposedly, this is from the tape but there are also speculations that it may not even be real. So who knows? And, just because it seemed so fitting, there’s also a pic of Rielle the Mistress, and one of John showing us all what a family man he is. As soon as that tape is released though, we’ll be sure to let you know!

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Abi Titmuss Sex Tape Has Lesbo Action

30 Apr

The Abi Titmuss sex tape is interesting to say the least. It’s widely known to have John Leslie in it but, I really don’t understand why. Except for a couple of minutes of John’s cock, we don’t really see John in it at all. And even then, the majority of the cock is in her mouth so there’s not a lot to see there either. What is extremely interesting about the tape is when another chick gets in on the action. And she really gets in!

The black beauty that soon takes over much of the video can be seen playing with her own pussy, playing with Abi’s pussy, and she and Abi both proceed to eat each other’s pussies. There truly seems to be no limit as to what these two will do to each other. And, the other great thing about this sex tape? It’s a whole 16 minutes long! You can watch it here.

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Alana Dante’s Sex Tape is Purely Pubes for Publicity

29 Apr

Alana Dante’s sex tape is, well, it’s a sex tape. No more, no less. If you don’t know her yet, then this sex tape stunt of hers just didn’t work. Alana is a singer from Belgium and just days after her single, Take Me for a Ride was released, so was her sex tape. Coincidence? I think not.

The tape itself is decent. There’s no audio on it but, that’s probably okay since we’re not looking for good dialogue anyway. But the first minute or so of the four minute tape does just show Alana lying naked on the bed talking while someone zooms in on every part of her backside. Once the guy steps in, Alana stays kneeled on the bed so she can give him a blowjob, real nice-like. Then the guy flips Alana over and gives it to her doggie-style, while we get some real nice pussy shots.

Whether or not this really is pubes for publicity, it’s a pretty good sex tape. The quality’s decent and the sex is good. I wouldn’t buy her album over it, but I don’t mind watching it either.

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Another Flavor of Love Sex Tape

28 Apr

Shay Johnson appeared on the reality show “Flavor of Love” as Buckeey and just like Toastee she made a sex tape – I guess they really wanted that 15 minutes of fame to last a bit longer.

This isn’t the first time Shay has flashed us some skin. Before joining “Flavor of Love 2″,  Buckeey appeared in several music videos for Bubba Sparxx, Young Dro, and Happy Hour. She also worked with Konsole Kingz to spice up your Xbox 360 and has appeared in King Magazine. But who cares about all of that, lets get to the sex!

The tape features Shay and her ex and it’s a whole 1 minute and 39 seconds long…lame. But this short video shows us that not only does Buckeey know how to work a cock but she knows how to work those hips as well – and it’s fucking hot.

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Rising Star Jelena Veljača Could Have a Career in Porn

27 Apr

The 26 year-old Croatian actress and screenwriter is best known for roles in her native land, but is quickly becoming more well-known, and all because of that universal boost to every celebrity career (well, unless you’re a guy), the sex tape. As of 2006, an short video featuring Jelena leaked onto the Internet in which the Croatian soapstar blows some guy. If you’re not a fan of Croation soap operas, check it out anyway, –a young girl paying gratuitous attention to the ball sack, and picking pubic hair out of her teeth is more than enough guilty pleasure even if you don’t follow her television career.

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Carolyn Murphy’s Honeymoon Sex Tape

26 Apr


Celebrities, don’t tape yourselves screwing, please. Not only is it probably the ultimate act of vanity, –jerking off to your own naked butt, –but it’s also an inevitable source of humiliation for these people. It might work wonders for the women involved, but I also end up vaguely disappointed when I see an otherwise attractive male celeb in a sex tape. Usually, we end up finding out they’re either hung like a parakeet, or have the coital skills of a midget with Down’s.

These are but a few of the reasons why it was so refreshing to watch Carolyn Murphy’s sex tape. Her asshole husband recorded it during their honeymoon, then tried to sell it after they were divorced. He was arrested and tried for extortion, –which is surprising, since almost no one ever gets in too much trouble for releasing sex tapes. Murphy hams it up like a paid porn star, and we can’t help but wonder if she could have been another Jenna Jameson, if she had followed a different career path.

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Anna Jandrasopark; Sex Tape from Pop Obscura

25 Apr

In many cases, there just isn’t life after pop-stardom, –around 70% of pop stars just don’t make out very well after they split from a group. Whether it’s clinical insanity, homosexual orgies, or homicidal criminal behavior, –the ex-pop-star is usually a creature of mild interest and the potential for scandal is always boiling away under the surface. The problem is, usually the scandals produced at the ex-pop-star point in their careers is self-manufactured, which usually drains away interest.

Sex tapes are always a great way to grab the public, –particularly the male public, by the dick, and renew some interest. Same goes for Anna Jandrasopark, or Issaraporn Jandrasopark, –part of the four girl Thai pop group “JAMP” (Jennifer, Anna, Michele and Por). JAMP enjoyed moderate success after the release of a few teen and tween friendly albums in Thailand, and then went their separate ways. Anna’s boyfriend supposedly left sex videos of them on a laptop, and sent it for repairs. The video featured the two all tangled up with some angry looking sex toys, and if you have an hour to watch the whole thing, you can find it here.

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