Classic Celebrity Sex Tapes: Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee

31 Jan

Back when Pamela Anderson was still a Baywatch babe, she did the unthinkable, and married the drummer from Motley Crue, –Tommy Lee. When one says “Tommy Lee” is dirty, they don’t mean, perverted or deviant, or mildly kinky. They mean crusty, a breeding ground for bacteria, –think of a horny, adult version of Pig-pen from the Peanuts cartoon. That’d be Tommy Lee. Anyway, Pam and Tommy Lee were recorded screwing on a boat, during their honeymoon back in 1998.

She also made an earlier sex tape featuring ex-husband Bret Michaels of Poison, –also widely available. Originally, the tapes were stolen, however, rather than take it as a blow to her career, Pam Anderson copyrighted the material and began selling it herself. Obvious evidence that when she told Gavriel Maynard,  “I don’t know why people consider me stupid, I’m actually really smart,” she was telling the truth.

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Michael Duvall Talks Dirty at Open Mic Night

30 Jan

Probably one of the weirdest supposed “sex tapes” out there, doesn’t feature some hot little starlet wriggling around with her boyfriend. It actually features Michael Duvall, a California Assemblyman with a thing for “bad girls” and most likely, bondage. He was recorded speaking over a mic at an assembly meeting about spanking his bad girl, and her panties. The guy is apparently a stranger to discretion.

Obviously turning senile, the old married politician gave details about his “bad girl”, –a lobbyist, also married, –Heidi DeJong to his other ancient politician buddies. Michael Duvall eventually resigned after being publicly humiliated. The raunchy old politician’s girlfriend apparently kept her job.

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Grady Sizemore’s Stuff Hides Behind a Coffee Cup

29 Jan

Grady Sizemore, baseball all-star from the Cleveland Indians got plenty pissed off, when in 2009, a variety of naughty images he made for his former Playboy Bunny girlfriend, Brittany Binger, began appearing online. He made a few raunchy photos for his girlfriend, and sent them to her cell phone, –the photos were not only revealing, but entertaining. One shot shows him holding a strategically placed coffee cup.

Personally, I think it’s only fair; think of all the guys who have seen his girlfriend naked. Kind of a double standard really, –is it okay for people to see her naked, but not him? Perhaps it’s just embarrassment about what a slob he is, –his bathroom is trashed!, –or over being able to fit his entire package behind a coffee cup. Maybe he’s a grower, not a shower?

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Playboy Bunny Shauna Sand’s Sex Tape

28 Jan

Sure it sounds like an oxymoron to have a Playboy Bunny throwing a fit over a sex tape, –after all, this is a porn star we’re talking about, even if only in a magazine. However, Shauna Sand made a bunch of videos with her boyfriend, and those were released without her consent, to the public. The tapes were stolen, and acquired by the porn producers at Vivid Video, who shortly announced their distribution.

Since the videos were stolen, Shauna Sand ended up in a big legal dispute over the content’s unapproved distribution. Sand doesn’t mind if everyone sees her screwing total strangers, or laying around naked, so long as we don’t see her having sex with her boyfriend. Personally, that just makes them more attractive. With that hat and those tan lines… eek. Doesn’t she know you’re supposed to tan with some form of symmetry in mind?

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Miss Universe, Anya Ayoung-Chee, Makes a Sex Tape

27 Jan

Rather than wishing for world peace, and harmony with mother nature, the winner of the Miss Universe contest, Anya Ayoung-Chee, made a sex tape. Well, it’s not world peace, but we’ll take it. A tape began to circulate with Anya Ayoung-Chee and her boyfriend doing things that would make a nun blush. Anya and others accused the boyfriend, though the boyfriend claimed it was stolen off his laptop when he took it to a repair shop in Trinidad.

Anya is probably the hottest Asian to ever be in porn, even if it is the homemade variety. With any luck, she’ll sign with a porn producer before she gets too many plastic surgeries and develops a sensitive gag reflex.

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What’s Hotter than Topless Model Bar Refaeli?

26 Jan

Topless model Bar Refaeli wet and covered with sand, that’s what! Okay, so she’s not exactly topless in any of these pictures but, her top is practically falling off and at least with the swimsuit shot she gives us a good glance at her teats. And that picture with her vag right up in the air just waiting for someone to come and poke it couldn’t be any hotter either. Yep, there’s one thing that Bar’s got that other celebs don’t – she’s a MODEL! Which means she’s perfect, doesn’t it? It would certainly appear that way with these pics.

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Katherine Heigl Adds a Sweetness to Her Hotness

25 Jan

Ya know what I love most about Katherine Heigl? She’s so totally hot, and you definitely want to slip her some dick, but she remains soft and sweet at the same time. Sure, she’ll take her top off for a photo shoot but it’s not the same “here are my tits in your face” kind of way celebs such as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are known for. It’s more of a “have sex with me and then take me home to meet your mother” kind of thing. And the bikini shots of her?! Just listening to her walkman….while the rest of us imagine all the nasty things we’d like to do to her in our minds. It can be sort of confusing this girl next door turned hot sultry sex goddess. But it’s the good kind of confusing that leaves us scratching our pants, not our heads.

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Angelina’s Tits Get Mauled by a Horse

24 Jan

There aren’t too many things that would be bad between Angelina Jolie’s tits. But seriously, a horse? We all know that Angelina is a whole new kind of freaky deaky and while we may love that side of her when she’s showing off her fun bags, a horse is just a little too much for me, personally. Alright, I’ll get off the horse kick. Let’s move on to how absolutely hot this pic is of her in bed fucking someone who I’m pretty sure is not Brad Pitt (although it could be, I’ve never actually studied the back of Brad’s head.) And this one of her with only her sweet supple ass showing and another tiny glimpse of those gorgeous knockers of hers? What I love most about this one is that it’s obvious that Angie thinks she’s as hot as the rest of us do!

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Why Everyone’s So Gaga over GaGa

23 Jan

There’s one thing that everyone loves about Lady Gaga – she loves to show off that totally hornilicious body of hers! GaGa has spent some time dealing with her own rumors regarding whether she has a pussy, a peener, or both. The rumors go that she has both and Lady GaGa has given some very confusing remarks while she’s been trying to ‘debunk’ it. But we can still drool over those luscious titties of hers, can’t we? And, taking a look at that third photo, it’s pretty clear that Lady GaGa is all woman – and one that everyone is going gaga for.

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We Don’t Hate Britney’s Body Either!

22 Jan

Britney Spears has been busy lately debunking rumors after Look Magazine printed a story about how she’s always hated her body. Brit went to her website to say that the story wasn’t true and in fact her exact words were that is was “Bullshit!” And who would believe it anyway? Britney has given us vag-shots galore and her tits are also secret to no one. Yep, there’s no doubt that Britney loves her body. And so do we! Whether she’s exposing those terrific tatas in a photo shoot (remember the one with the rose tattoos? Sah-weeeeeet!), or just getting out of a car in the most delicious (and dirtiest) of ways, there’s no doubt that every inch of Britney’s body is totally hot and totally tap-able. And with Britney, we can always be sure that there’s more on the way!

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