Retro Sex Tape: Jayne Kennedy

2 Mar

If VCR’s were as widely available in the 70’s as the were twenty years later, Jayne would certainly have suffered or perhaps prospered from the leaked sex tape featuring she and her then-husband Leon Isaac Kennedy. Two years after their divorce, Leon released Jayne Kennedy’s sex tape, which caused a lot of commotion, but not as much as it would have now, since back then, not very many people could actually watch it.

Jayne Kennedy was a blaxsploitation film star, and she was hot! Not only does the film feature two pretty hot looking people screwing their brains out, but it’s also an interesting look back in time. There’s some period music  to accompany the pair, surrounding by a lot of nifty 70’s architecture, –and of course, plenty of pubic hair to stare at. Check it out over here.

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Kim Kardashian’s Ghetto-Tastic Sex Tape

1 Mar

I love the Kim Kardashian sex tape, first off. It’s Ray J that cracks me up in the movie; not unlike Fred Durst, Ray J feels the need to constantly make sure everyone knows it’s him on the camera. The whole, “look at me, look at me!” camera tactics are obvious signs that these people know that everyone is going to see them. Apparently, Ray J has a lot more confidence than most guys, –especially considering he has a dick with a geometric angle in it.

Before anyone even starts getting busy, we have to watch Kim putting makeup on. The boring pre-sex maintenance however, is more than made up for by Kim’s cute little attempts to act like a professional porn star. Trying to give a “pretty” blowjob, by using more hands than mouth, –don’t worry baby, you can choke on it, we won’t mind! Another unfortunate moment is where we get to stare at the side of Ray J’s overacting face while he licks what -might- just be Kim’s pussy. There are some great moments, but mostly we end up staring at Ray J’s cock for half an hour.

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Colin Farrell Plays With Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain

28 Feb

We all know the sexy Irishman, Colin Farrel. The award-winning actor appears to enjoy filming more than just Hollywood blockbusters – a whole lot more. Colin and his ex-girlfriend Playboy playmate Nicole Narain made one hot and filthy fun sex tape. We, and Nicole, all got the pleasure of viewing Colin’s wicked tongue skills.

Unfortunately, Farrell filed a lawsuit suing his former girlfriend, the Internet Commerce Group (ICG) and adult entertainment producer David Hans Schmidt over the unauthorized public distribution of the 14-minute sex tape. But that’s not going to stop the hungry and horny fans from watching his sizzling flick. Narain claimed that she didn’t give the tape to anyone and wasn’t sure how it was taken from her. I’m not buying it, I mean come on, if you’re fucking Colin Farrel you know you’d be letting the whole damn world know.

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Severina Vuckovic is a Naughty Catholic Girl

27 Feb

The only thing better than seeing a hot girl have sex on tape is knowing that the girl in question is supposedly a devout Catholic. And that’s exactly the case with Severina Vuckovic. All that’s missing is the plaid miniskirt and the button-up shirt tucked under her boobs. But really, seeing her without clothing in this tape is better than having anything covering her up. And you can certainly see a whole lot in this tape with Severina giving a blow job to Milan Lucic, who was not only a prominent Croatian businessman at the time, but also a very married one at that.

And it gets even more interesting. During the same time that the sex tape was released in 2004, Severina was also promoting abstinence and claiming that she was a devout Catholic. Severina originally sued the website that leaked the tape, but I guess the judges wanted to see Severina give head just as much as the rest of us, because they threw the case out. Initially, the Croatian beauty suffered a huge backlash from her Croatian fans, but once the world had a glimpse, she gained many, many more!

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Keeley Hazell A Lot More than Topless in a Sex Tape

26 Feb

Keeley Hazell made her name for being a regular in the British tabloid The Sun where she has repeatedly posed nude and topless. But now she has a sex tape where you can see Keeley topless and a whole lot more! In the sex tape, there’s an unnamed (but very lucky) man who receives a blowjob from Keeley while her D-cup tits swing back and forth oh so lovingly. The tape was stolen from Keeley’s home and was leaked onto the Internet in 2007. Maybe the person that stole it just wanted the whole world to learn how to give a really good blowjob – Keeley can be anyone’s tutor in that area!

And just for kicks, we’ve also included this pic of Keeley all sudsy and topless. Not part of the sex tape, but something everyone should definitely see!

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Noelia Takes It in the Can for a Sex Tape

25 Feb

Have you not heard of Noelia? She’s a pop star from Puerto Rico and although she may not be a Hollywood superstar but her sex tape is definitely Grade A loin, pussy, and ass. In the tape Noelia gets fucked up the ass at the same time that she plays with her own pussy. So if you haven’t heard of her, you’re sure soon to, especially if you like to watch hot women having even hotter sex.

The Noelia tape was recorded on a cell phone and released by an angry ex-boyfriend. Noelia denied at first that it was her in the video but later came out to admit that it was in fact, her can and her pussy. All her current boyfriend had to say about it was a string of Spanish that I don’t understand. But I imagine it goes something along the lines of, “We have got to do that!”

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Why Everyone Loves Hot Hilary

24 Feb

Hilary Duff has come a long way from the sweet, young girl that she played in Lizzie McGuire. A very long way indeed. We have been able to watch her turn from that innocence into a super hot chick that has all the right things in all the right parts. What I like most about Hilary is that while she’s super sexy, you don’t think that you’re going to get a disease just by past her. She doesn’t even have all that many nude pics of her, or even nip slips for that matter. And this ad for Vaseline where she appeared completely in the nude? Totally elegant, and not a bit of trash about it. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still have fun imagining what her pussy and tits look like under those strategically placed (and also very sexy) arms and legs of hers.

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Eva Mendes Loves to Show off Her Body

23 Feb

Eva Mendes may not be much to look up from the neck up (in my opinion anyway) but there’s one thing she is good for. She’s got some big, hot tits and loves to show them off! Eva has appeared topless many times. In 2007 she did an ad for PETA where she appeared nude with the tagline, “Fur? I’d rather go naked.” And the world agreed, we’d rather she go naked too. It was also in 2007 that Eva did a nude photo shoot with Flaunt Magazine but she said after doing the shoot that even though she was nude, she was still completely covered and you wouldn’t be able to see anything.

But she’s obviously not worried about letting us see her perky nipples, as you can tell with these photos. And not only do I love that pic of the tray on top of her boobs because well, you can see her boobs. But I just think that’s such a cool pic! And can you imagine how hard her nips must have been after taking that cold, clear tray off her bare boobies? Just goes to show that sometimes, it might be after the photo shoot when things get really interesting!

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Rachel Bilson is a Big Tease

22 Feb

So often we see celebs that star in a huge role and then fade into the background, try to regain some of their popularity by flashing us their tits and posing nude – all in the name of a little more spotlight coming their way. But Rachel Bilson, who played Summer Roberts in The O.C., doesn’t seem to be going the way of the slutty and topless. And it’s too bad really. This chic is nuthin but tightness and hotness, all wrapped up in one beautiful package.

Bilson does not yet have a sex tape, and the photos you’ll find of her revealing even the slightest hint of nipple or vag are few and far between. In fact, the dirtiest stuff that you can find on Rachel is when she had a sex scene in Last Kiss. And the girl you see lying on the bed awkwardly trying to have sex with Zach Braff’s character isn’t even Rachel. She was so against the idea of doing a scene where she’d have to reveal her jugs that she had the studio call in a body double.

What I wonder though is, if she’s so innocent and wanting to keep her goodies to herself, what’s with all the pics of stickies over her nipples? Not only is she still revealing her tits, nip or not, it just looks bad! Very, very bad. Someone should tell her that ‘breast petals’ as they’re called are to hide the pokies from coming out when it’s cold. But one should never, ever see the actual petals. That’s just not classy.

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Do You Think Alyssa Milano Is Hot in the Nude?

21 Feb

Alyssa Milano is known as being one of the hottest women in Hollywood for one reason – she’s one of the hottest women in Hollywood, hands down. This sexy seductress has been making little boys swoon since she appeared on Who’s the Boss? And as those little boys grew into men, Alyssa grew into the saucy firecracker that she is today. And while I can’t deny that Alyssa is hot, she just doesn’t do anything for me when she’s in the nude.

To be fair to her, I think in this pic where she’s with that lucky fella drooling over her tits, it’s just the hair that’s turning me off. But then in this pic where she’s flaunting her pussy and nipples all over the beach, there’s just waaay too much nip there for me. It sort of detracts from the rest of the beautiful boobie. But I’ll give her that pic of her lying in the sand. That’s hot – straight up.

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