Kara DioGuardi Has Got the Whole Package

21 May

Kara DioGuardi, the hot sassy judge from American Idol is not only pretty smart, but she’s beautiful too. And poor Paula who had to sit beside her night after night looking all drunk and tired. I secretly think that’s the real reason Paula left. She couldn’t stand how hot Kara is. And I can’t disagree with her.

Kara has recently done a photo shoot for Maxim and it’s about time that someone else other than me so this chick for the sex symbol that she is. Kara doesn’t get nude for the mag, and she doesn’t even get topless. But with shoots like this leading the way, we hope to see a lot more of Kara. A lot, lot more. And her bikini shots are totally hot showing, as she so often tells contestants, she’s got “the whole package.”

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Tara Reid Sex Scene in Body Shots is Pretty Hot

20 May

Before she went and screwed up the entire way she looks, Tara Reid was actually fairly hot. And luckily, someone was smart enough to catch that on tape in the movie Body Shots, in which Tara Reid screws the shit out of Jerry O’Connell and lets him give it right back to her.

The movie, as is the case with so many hot sex scenes, wasn’t very good. But when Tara strips down to her bare little panties and we get to see both her and Jerry grab her tits, who needs any other parts of the movie to be worth anything at all? Unfortunately, all we see of Jerry are those rock-hard abs of his, and some of his legs. On second thought, that might be a good thing.

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Nathalie Marquay Sex Scene is One of the Hottest Ever!

19 May

I’ll take a sex scene over a sex tape any day of the week. There’s just something so much prettier about them. Well this full nude sex scene featuring the gorgeous former Miss France, Nathalie Marquay Nue, is pretty glamorous, hot, sexy, and so much more!

First we see Ms. Marquay demean the luckiest bastard I’ve ever seen, while he’s tied up and she parades around completely naked in front of him. While she’s turned away for most of the scene, make sure you check out the beginning of the scene when she turns towards the camera and we get all too quick a glance at her shaved pussy. The rest of the scene moves on to Nathalie moving on to him and proceeding to fuck him for what seems like an eternity. There’s no change of position, and there’s not a lot of much except for the action between these two. But the foreplay and the zoom-in action on Nathalie’s stunning ass are definitely enough to keep us interested!

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Karla Edeca Might Be Too Shy to Make a Sex Tape

18 May

Karla Edeca is a star that has burst out of Mexico as the spokesperson for the biggest cell phone company in the country. And boy, does this girl know how to sell phones! I suppose she was trying to show us all just how great the video features are when she decided to make this sex tape. In the tape are Karla and her boyfriend, who released the tape after they broke up. In the tape, they have some pretty hot sex after she gives him a very lengthy blowjob. The tape is pretty bad quality but really,it’s Karla’s embarrassment that turns the film from hot porn to embarrassingly amateur. Karla seems very sexual, but it’s like she can’t follow through. The video starts with her teasing us by shoving her panties up her ass crack, and then she almost refuses to have the camera on her at any point during the tape, unless it’s on her backside.

There is one very hot part where Karla plays with herself on the bed and, while that camera shot is also directly on her back, Karla gradually opens up and gives us a peek. All in all, not a bad tape. Once Karla’s sex tape confidence gets boosted a little more, I’m sure we’ll be in for a treat!

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Finally Something to Get Excited About! The Mickie James Sex Tape!

17 May

The Mickie James sex tape is definitely worth talking about! The tape was released before Mickie became huge in the WWE but it wasn’t her first step into filth. It is however, quite dirty and detailed and frankly, one of the better sex tapes that I’ve seen in the last little while.

The tape starts with Mickie in a hot little cheerleader number and two dudes in the locker room. We can all see what’s going to happen but unfortunately, the ‘white dude’ is told to leave by the black dude. All of this so that Mickie can rock his cock like the dickens and then let him pound her on the bench in a number of different positions. But Mickie, while she may have gotten lost on her way to the girl’s room, is always mindful of her mess. And she’s more than happy to take the mouthful of jizz that her new friend has for her. You can find the video just about anywhere, including here, although photos are few and far between. We’ve got one for ya but the others are just random hot nudes of Mickie, which isn’t so bad either.

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Imogen Thomas’s Fake Tits: Bouncy but Vein-y

16 May

Fake breasts aren’t a big deal; they look great on Imogen Thomas, –they’re round and perky, and bouncy, but they’re just a little too veiny up close. They actually look blue-ish. Someone needs to tan! Imogen Thomas was a beauty queen, and a reality star over in the UK for her role in Big Brother, and later became even more well-known for her appearance in a sex tape with her ex. The tape was made a few years ago, most likely before any cosmetic surgeries; her tits are smaller and her face lacks collagen.

Unfortunately, the sex tape that everyone seems so crazy about, is dead boring, and features over a minute of her sitting there, touching her hair, and doing… nothing. The light is minimal, and video is grainy and anything naughty isn’t really visible. If you really want to see Imogen Thomas looking hot, you’ll check out her topless photoshoot with Zoo.

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Karine Steffans: Self-Help’d Her Ass All Over the ‘Net

15 May

We have a lot of terrific things to say about women who help themselves, and can stand up for the rights of other struggling career women, working hard to meet their life goals. We just don’t say them here. And we sure as hell don’t say them about ladies like Karrine Stefans. Here’s a woman who made her money off well, her money-maker, in hip hop videos and photo-shoots, then went on Oprah to whine about how degrading it is to be a sex symbol, and how women are objectified in the rap industry.

So.. then she makes a sex tape. To further objectify.. or wait, I mean, vindicate all of womankind? Yeah… The tape features her giving, you guessed it, “Superhead”, among other various sex acts that go on for quite some time. To be honest, I’m not really interested in her brains, or her charm. Just open your mouth, and stick out your tongue… then go make me a sandwich!

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Jimena Perini Utterly Unknown With Clothes On

14 May

You might think it’s chauvinist but I’m serious, –there’s almost no information on Jimena Perini unless it’s about her sex tape. And wow, what a tape  it is. Perini is an Argentinian actress and model, and god, what an ass. Her sex video features her being fucked at every possible angle, including anal, and the guy she’s with isn’t some pencil-dick douchebag, constantly facing the camera. The only negative side of the tape is the bouncing camera, but by the time you get to that part, you’ll probably move your head with the video so you can watch Jimena Perini’s tits jiggle.

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Kerry Katona in a.. What?! OMG! Someone Get Her Some Clothes!

13 May

Okay, thank god, the sex tape was recorded back when she was thin. And I guess, before she was incredibly pregnant. Kerry Katona is like the UK equivalent of a combination of Britney, Whitney, and Heidi.. Montag, not Klum. She went from hot to ABSOLUTELY NOT! Anyway, basically, she was a popstar at 18, for like, the length of one whole album. Wow. Then the really icky attention whore habit kicked in, and the shit hit the fan as far as her various publicity stunts go. Later, she went on to become a C-list celebrity, appearing in several reality shows, and being rejected by many more.

The video began circulating in spring of ’07, and it featured a woman who vaguely resembles Katona finger fucking herself and using the phone. Most agree that it couldn’t possibly be Katona because her brain can’t handle doing two things at once. Some of her more recent scandals include, showing up sloshed on a morning show, punching her accountant, and buying cocaine and meth from her own mother. Britney Spears has never seemed like such a well-rounded individual in comparison.

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Zahra Amir Ebrahimi Sex Tape: Punishable by Execution in Iran

12 May

A sobering story of a celebrity sex tape is that of Zahra Amir Ebrahimi alleged tape. This is one story where we would probably be better off to support the Iranian actress’s claims that she was not in the sex tape, as it appears the investigation is still under way. Oh and by the way, if she’s found guilty of appearing voluntarily in pornography, she may be executed. So over here in America, where Paris Hilton and Pam Anderson are enjoying the proceeds of their porn, women in Iran could die for such an act.

The law was made in response, many believe, to Iran’s first sex tape scandal. Iranian soap actress, Zahra Amir Ebrahimi, appeared in a sex tape with “Mr. X”, –a film producer that Ebrahimi was engaged to at the time. She asserts that he filmed the video with a lookalike in order to ruin her career. The man who appeared in the tape fled, but was later extradited from Armenia, and is still held in prison. The tape surfaced in early 2006, but was made before in 2004, –by December of ’06, eight people had been arrested in connection to the investigation of the tape. For all the celebrities out there bitching and complaining about being caught on tape: hey, at least you’re not rotting in prison, or facing possible execution.

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