Audrina Patridge Flashes Some Camel Toe

28 Jun

Audrina Patridge has been a favorite of mine for a while, and these pics are a good illustration as to why, because it sure as hell doesn’t have anything to do with her reality shows. Nope, it’s all about her hot, skinny body and big, fake tits which in these pics are shown off in a tiny bikini to best show it all off. Her big tits look ready to spill out of the top at any moment and the bikini bottoms are also tight enough to give a teasing glimpse of camel toe which I’m sure she’s completely aware of. I also threw in a random pic of Audrina and her tattooed sister Casey Patridge just to show that her whole family is painfully sexy. Choosing which is sexiest is a tough decision, so it might just be best to take both at once. Y’know, for science.

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Getting Down and Dirty!

27 Jun

Wow, these two sure grew up fast. As you can see in the pictures above, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber just can’t keep their hands off of each other. The sexy Selena and the disgustingly scrawny Justin weren’t shy about showing off their affection while vacationing in Maui, Hawaii this past week. The photos reveal Selena straddling Justin, Justin grabbing Selena’s ass, Justin and Selena making out… ugh, I gagged a little. I love me some Selena, she’s got to be the hottest 18-year-old ever, but Justin, he’s an irritating 17-year-old brat – I don’t want to see him getting hot and heavy with the sextastic Selena!

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Moron Cheats on Claudia Schiffer

26 Jun


Sometimes it’s really tough to understand people, as Claudia Schiffer‘s husband has allegedly cheated on her and knocked up his mistress. Granted, said mistress was the smoking hot January Jones, eight years younger than Claudia. But really, is that any excuse? Just look at these recent pics of Claudia Schiffer: whether she’s clothed or fully topless, she’s still incredibly hot, especially for 40 years old. Any guy who’d risk losing a stunning MILF like her has some serious issues and doesn’t deserve either hottie.

Perhaps after husband Matthew Vaughn saw January Jones on the set of his X-Men film, in full costume as Emma Frost, he just couldn’t hold back his geeky fantasies. I’m willing to bet, though, that Claudia Schiffer would have donned the costume of any of the X-Men for him and looked damn hot doing it. Or maybe that’s just my own geeky fantasies speaking now.

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Kourtney Kardashian Finally Shows Off the Goods

25 Jun

The Kardashian women can be found all over the place, especially Kim who strips her clothes off for magazines more often than the gals of Playboy. Even Khloe showed some skin in that awkward perfume ad she did with her hubby. But little Kourtney is the one that hasn’t really showed us the goods, until recently. The hot MILF recently did a shoot with Shape magazine, and after seeing the shots of that tight and perfectly toned body of hers it’s clear that she is the most underrated of the Kardashian clan. I think Kim should take a step back from all the sexy photo shoots and give them all to Kourtney. The chick has a petite, yet curvy, frame, big tits and a hot ass. She’s the one I want to see naked from now on.

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Jamie Chung Shows Some Sideboob

24 Jun

I had no idea who this gorgeous goddess was when I first saw these sideboob pics of her, but the second I did see them I had to internet stalk her because, well, she’s fucking hot! Apparently Jamie Chung is an actress, one that has been in loads of huge hit films, such as Sucker Punch, Grown Ups and the upcoming flick The Hangover Part II. These boobtacular photos were actually taken at the Hangover II premier, and after seeing them, I kinda want to see that movie now. Here’s hoping she gets more movie roles, because I want to see much more of her.

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Watch Kate Winslet’s Tits Come to Life in Titanic 3D Release!

23 Jun

And honestly, what else is it good for? Seriously? Titanic has a few scenes with some action, some great SPLAT! moments, too, but really, it was a long, long, LONG, love story, that was told by an ancient old broad who tosses a billion bucks into the ocean. So if you’d rather fast-forward through the romantic musings of an Alzheimer’s-ridden geriatric, to get to the real action, we won’t stop you. Kate Winslet has an amazing rack: or at least, she did in this movie. So grab the popcorn, the lube, and the remote…. and take this baby for a test drive!

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Miley Cyrus Gets Bendy in Body Suit

22 Jun

The barely legal Miley Cyrus attempted to be all beautiful and artsy in a photo shoot  she just  did with photographer Brian Bowen Smith, but instead, she just gives us more to criticize and oogle at. The photos are of sexy Miley dressed in nothing more than a see-through lace body suit, and the poses, well, they show all the Miley lovers just how bendy that hot bod of hers is. Makes you wonder how many other poses she’s good at, huh?

Miley tries to be classy here, but instead, she just gives all of us pervs more to fap to. Bravo Miley!

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Megan Fox is a Topless Angel

21 Jun

No, seriously, she’s topless and dressed as an angel. Stills of Megan Fox’s latest film, Passion Play, have been popping up all over the net because well, whenever this little hottie takes any clothes off she’s got every man in the world drooling. The film stills show nearly all of Megan’s sexy bod, all except for the fun parts her arm and panties are covering. Shame. You can see more of the nearly-nude angel in Passion Play, which is currently in theaters, however, it’s not in many since it’s one of those weird indie flicks. Luckily, you can view a small clip of it here.

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James Middleton Shows His Royal Ass in Leaked Photos

20 Jun

Princess Kate Middleton proved herself to be a well-mannered and lovely royal. Leaked photos of her brother James on the other hand has proved that he is the classic frat boy. The photos don’t show off James’ crown jewels, but they do show him in various states of undress – some dirtier than others. This guy really doesn’t like to keep his clothes on.

The pics show a variety of shots of the youngest Middleton – posing shirtless with his hand in his boxers, a ridiculous amount of bare ass shots and a fully nude, cross-legged pic of the royal-by-association reclining in an arm chair. Yup, this is a man comfortable in his body, but not so comfortable that he’ll let these photos fly. James pretended to be a lawyer and sent a take-down notice a sister site of the porn blog Fleshbot. The notice was sent via email, supposedly from “Nice Group London Legal” at That totally didn’t work out for him, since some researched showed that the company is fake, and that Middleton himself was the registrant. Smooth.

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Pippa Middleton Topless Photos Revealed!

19 Jun

Pippa Middleton, the troublesome sister to the sweet and wholesome princess of England, Kate Middleton, has been in the news nonstop lately all because the chick can’t keep her clothes on. In the most recent leaked photos you can see Pippa’s perky little tits as she strips off her bikini top while sailing in the sun. Mmmm royal nudity for the win!

But that’s not all, the world is so in love with Pippa’s nudity that Vivid Entertainment, the leading adult film company, actually offered Pippa 5 million dollars to star in a sex tape. Unfortunately, she turned down the offer. Curses!

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