Merkin, Oh how I loathe thee

30 May

So I was looking forward to checking out the Evan Rachel Wood hot full-frontal nude in Mildred Pierce, weren’t you?  I find out she’s wearing a merkin, and that it’s a popular pubic wig they have actresses wear for nude scenes.  Evan said “Let’s just say, I had to wear a wig because it was in the 30s, and everything had to look like it was in the 30s.”  Is nothing sacred?  A pubic wig?  What kind of sadistic motherfucker invented this?  I’d like to punch him in the throat.  With a rusty screwdriver.  That’s all it takes to completely ruin a series.  Sometimes it’s hard enough getting lost in a great show, but all the while you’re setup in advance with thoughts of fake pubes floating around taunting you in the back of your mind every few minutes.  Merkin, merkin, merkin, insanity!  Taking a look at this snapshot, I have to wonder… why bother?

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Meredith Viera Flashes Her Panties

29 May

Meredith Vieira is that older chick that co-hosts the Today Show with Matt Lauer, she also hosted Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for a while after Regis left. Yeah, you know, her. Anyway, this famous journalist recently showed off her old lady panties to the world on the Today Show. Tsk tsk, you would think that after being on a live TV show for so many years you would learn to avoid wearing short skirts, or hell, learn to cross your legs. Apparently not, seeing how this isn’t the first time she has flashed her panties to her Today viewers. Maybe this time around she’ll learn her lesson – cross your damn legs, or you know, wear cuter panties.

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Mariah Carey Nude… and pregnant

28 May

Yes, you can finally see Mariah Carey nude – unfortunately she’s covered and very pregnant. Mariah, who is pregnant with twins, proudly showed off her pregnant body to Life & Style magazine.

I really don’t understand why celebs insist on doing this, why they keep doing these nude pregnancy photos, because it is so not unattractive. They work so hard creating this image of sex appeal and then ruin in a split second by showing off there horrific baby belly. Not hot at all, you know, unless you’re one of those people that get off on pregnant chicks. Then, well, enjoy guys!

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Courteney Cox’s Watery Nip Slip

27 May

One of the hottest MILFs out there, Courteney Cox, is having a nippletastic vacation in St. Barts with her new boyfriend and Cougar Town co-star! She had some fun in the sun and showed off that hot 46-year old body of hers covered in nothing but a tiny bikini, a bikini which really couldn’t take the force of those big ocean waves. You know what that means! Nip slip goodness! Those waves pulled off part of her top and gave us MILF lovers a nice shot of those perky tits of hers. I’m guessing the water was a bit cold.

If only the water had taken her top off completely, we can only dream.


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Fetish Fix: Raptophilia

26 May

Today’s fetish fix is all about raptophilia. With this paraphilia the sexuoerotic arousal and orgasm depends on the surprise attack and continued violent assault on a a non-consenting, terrified, and struggling person. Yes, it’s rape. But in a raptophiliac’s case, they want it and are turned on by someone (a biastophiliac) attacking them and taking them without permission. If your significant other has ever asked to do rape role-playing, there’s a slight chance they are a raptophiliac.

In rare, and serious, cases an unhealthy raptophiliac will purposely put themselves in incredibly dangerous situations in the hopes of being attacked and sexually assaulted.  This is no joke, such a person could easily be killed.

So while role-playing is all good a fun, if it grows into something seriously dangerous, seek help.


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Kathy Griffin’s Tits Are Skinnier Than She Is

25 May

That’s right guys, the most annoying fag hag on the planet TwitPic’d a topless shot, and –it was shortly deleted, either by her, or TwitPic. Thank god we managed to capture the absurdity of this woman’s withered and floppy boobs before it was permanently wiped off the face of the Internet. Sorry, I just do -not- find this woman attractive. Or funny. I’d rather buy a ticket for Celine Dion than get into a Kathy Griffin show for free. Barf. But for all you sickos who have wanted to see Griffin’s tits, –here they are…. pitiful, flat things that seem to be giving sad, hound dog eyes at whomever they meet.

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Piranha Sequel Promises More 3D Boobs

24 May

I loved Piranha 3D; not just for the tits. It was genuinely funny, and the horror aspect was cheesy but it had punch. Like a hundred topless chicks, eaten, disemboweled, and full on munched hardcore, by piranhas, and not to mention, the hour or so of consolidated topless and full frontal nudity footage. Also very cool. The next film, titled “Piranha 3DD” will also have 3D boobs, and will be filmed in a water park. Bikini clad twenty-something girls get wet and wild and … less bikini clad, in waters that have been invaded (somehow seems -really unlikely-) by flesh eating piranhas. I wonder why they didn’t continue with the giant adult piranha storyline that was left abandoned at the end of the second film. But oh well. I’m for it.

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Milla Jovovich Nipple Slip! Hurray!

23 May

I love it when the prissy celebrities make serious fashion flubs; or when they make sex tapes they think will -never- see the light of day. And then all of a sudden, BAM! Titties! Not only was Milla Jovovich’s nipple out there waving hi to everyone, –it was out through several pictures, and photo-ops. At no point did anyone bother saying, “Hey babe… uhm, we can see our nipple.” Thank you, all of you, who either had no balls, or were mean spirited enough to want Milla’s nipples out there on the Internet. Delightful. Although she may be flat chest, Jovovich is plenty hot, and we’re always happy to see a hot celebrity’s nipple. Honestly, it looks like the dress was made specifically to show off a nipple. Also, I have to say, as hot as Jovovich is, –her nipples are kind long and weird. I like tiny perky nipples, personally. Any other opinions on Milla’s big nipple?

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Rihanna Talks About Her Hot Sex Life

22 May

If you  listen to the radio then chances are you have heard Rihanna’s dirty S&M song, and well, according to an interview she did with Rolling Stone, it’s much more than just a song to her. The girl really likes it rough!

On the cover of April’s Rolling Stone mag you’ll find a nice naughty photo of Rihanna wearing painted on shorts, but inside it gets a whole lot dirtier when she discusses her sex life.

“I like to take charge, but I love to be submissive,” she tells the magazine. “Being submissive in the bedroom is really fun. You get to be a little lady, to have somebody be macho and in charge of your shit. That’s sexy to me. I work a lot, and I have to make a lot of executive decisions, so when it comes to being intimate, I like to feel like I’m somebody’s girl.”

And she doesn’t mind when it gets a little rough and hard. “I like to be spanked. Being tied up is fun. I like to keep it spontaneous. Sometimes whips and chains can be overly planned – you gotta stop, get the whip from the drawer downstairs… I’d rather have him use his hands.”

You and me both Rihanna.

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Kristen Stewart to Play Neal Cassady’s 15 Year Old Mistress?

21 May

Jack Kerouac’s book “On the Road”, whose prominent character, Dean Moriarty, is inspired by and based on Neal Cassady, will be coming to the big screen. Should be an interesting film portrayal, since the book was pretty racy and wild, at least in the description of “Dean”s and Mary Lou will be LuAnne Henderson; Neal Cassady’s first wife… who was 15 in reality, and was only with Neal for about a year, before their marriage was annulled, and he settled down with another woman, had kids, –and went on to become a major icon and inspiration to many prominent players in the Beat generation; if you’re lost, what they did, was make drugs really popular for a while, inspire great writers, and popularize living fast and hard. Ask your grandparents about him sometime. Kristen Stewart will be playing Mary Lou, and there will be lots of nudity. In fact, it will be constant.  She’s nude in her first couple of scenes, actually. So get ready guys.

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