Rihanna Goes Topless in Ireland for Video Shoot

26 Aug

Rihanna’s Sex Tape rumors haven’t amounted to an actual video for us to enjoy yet, but while filming her latest music video, the sexy songstress decided to take off her top and prance around the fields of Ireland. Why? Hell if I know. Leprechaun magic, possibly. Sadly, these aren’t the clearest of images; they’re more like the photographs of Bigfoot only, y’know, sexier and with more tits. Nonetheless, these are actual pictures of the lovely Rihanna totally topless, making me wish that I had some of those fictional CSI tools to enhance, enhance, enhance the hell out of the images so we can really enjoy her perky breasts. Because these aren’t the highest quality pictures, I’ve also included a fantastic picture of Rihanna bending over in panties, stockings, and garters, really showing off her big ass and sexy legs. You try finding a picture of Bigfoot like that.

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Kim Kardashian’s Big Ass in her Honeymoon Bikini

25 Aug

Because wherever there’s a Kardashian, there’s a camera, we have some great pictures of Kim Kardashian on her honeymoon after wedding Kris Humphries and his gigantic head. The hippy, Armenian sexbomb donned a very hot bikini which not only showed off her big, round ass (as all of her clothing does) but also her underappreciated and very awesome breasts. Kim Kardashian may be annoying as hell, but I can’t understand how anybody can deny her beauty. Raven-haired and curvy, the alluring attention-whore has what it takes to leave any guy awe-struck. And as loathe as I would be to see Kris Humphries naked, I still think it’s about time for Kim to release another sex tape. It’s been five years already and the original was pretty lame; how about some HD-quality Kardashian ass to fill my big screen TV? Maybe even film it in 3D because, really, if there’s an ass that demands to be seen in all 3 dimensions, it’s Kim’s.

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Pippa Middleton Flashes her Panties

24 Aug

Pippa Middleton is famous for stealing the show at Kate and Harry’s royal wedding by wearing a very sexy and tight dress which made her ass look no less than fucking fantastic. The paparazzi has been hounding her since then, eager to get another shot of her delicious bum in (or out!) of some sexy little dress. Sadly, Pippa Middleton hasn’t jumped into the spotlight as many had hoped, but that hasn’t stopped everyone from taking photos of her! In fact, these photos taken at a runway show feature her wearing a very short dress and doing a (fortunately) poor job of sitting in it. So poor that we get a great upskirt shot of her flashing her panties in a very un-royal fashion. She tried her best to hide them, but one can only keep their hands in their lap for so long! Thank God for the blue-bloods’ lack of endurance.

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Joan Crawford Nude Home Movies Discovered

23 Aug

Joan Crawford was a mega-star back in the 1930s, the type of woman that’d be blogged about daily if the Internet existed back then. She was also the subject of the book and film Mommie Dearest, which showed a darker, abusive side to the famous flapper. Christina Crawford, Joan’s daughter and the author of Mommie Dearest, recently discovered old home movies of Joan Crawford. Nude movies. She was as shocked to find nude movies of the Hollywood star as anyone else would be, since she figured Joan would have had them destroyed. Soon enough, Joan Crawford will be subject to the same sort of Internet fame as celebrities and “celebrities” who’ve had sex tapes leaked; Christina, who still doesn’t forgive her mother, plans to air the nude home movies as part of her latest Broadway show. One can only hope this will become a trend and we’ll soon be swimming in vintage nude films of Audrey Hepburn or Ingrid Bergman.

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Mila Kunis’ Phone Hacked, Seductive and Explicit Photos Discovered

22 Aug

First Scarlett Johansson gets her phone hacked, resulting in the happiness of millions as pictures of her tits and ass go viral across the Internet. Now we find out that Mila Kunis has had her own cell phone hacked. Sadly, we don’t get a tidal wave of naked Mila Kunis photos, but apparently the phone contained pictures of a “seductive Justin Timberlake.” One has him shirtless, much to the glee of JT fans, and another has him playfully posing with a pair of panties worn over his head. Mila in a bathtub (her sexy nude body sadly obscured) is featured in another and there’s even apparently a photo of somebody’s penis. Justin claims it isn’t his, and I have to assume it’s not Mila’s, so one has to wonder! Hopefully these photos will find their way onto the net soon so readers can make lots of fun assumptions.

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Scarlett Johansson Nude Photos Leaked

21 Aug

I just posted about Christina Hendricks‘ big, beautiful tits, but what about the lovely Scarlett Johansson? Unlike Christina, Scarlett may have actually gotten nude on camera in these pics which are allegedly of her sexy, naked body. The first has her on her side, taking a pic with her cellphone. We get a shot of one of her bare breasts, looking just as perky and amazing as you’d imagine. And as much as I like tits, I have to say the alleged Scarlett Johansson ass shot is even sexier. Not only does she apparently have an awesome, round ass which doesn’t get shown off nearly enough, the image also lets you see just how petite she is. The sexy curve of her bare back, her tiny waist, all of that makes her big breasts and little bubble butt look more amazing. Also, have a pic of Scarlett’s ass in a tight dress because, damn, how did I never notice that booty?!

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Christina Hendricks’ Titanic Titmeat

20 Aug

I think today’s as good a day as any to talk about Christina Hendricks and her ridiculously huge tits. The redhead has starred in Mad Men and played a recurring character on Firefly, but I think many people know her only from the pics posted on the Internet. At every event she attends, she wears some low-cut dress with her massive titties shoved damn near up to her neck. How they haven’t fallen out of her dress yet is a mystery. After all, we’re talking mountains of pale, veiny cleavage here. A tsunami of titflesh. A landslide of lady lumps. High hills of hooters! Seriously, I could go on like this. I won’t stop, either, until she finally unleashes those massive mammaries for all of us horny bastards to truly enjoy. Tits like that weren’t meant to be kept confined to a dress; just look at these pics, they’re trying their hardest to escape. Freedom!

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Selena Gomez Rocks Her Long Teen Legs

19 Aug

Selena Gomez is on tour which means we can be sure to find more sexy pics of her in the near future. Singers nowadays are all about one-upping their previous appearances, donning sexy/slutty/trashy/insane new outfits so pictures can be posted all over the Interwebs, like these ones! Barely-legal Selena Gomez prances about on stage in a skimpy and shimmery dress which doesn’t do much to show off her perky little tits. Try a corset, Selena, and you could almost rock Kelly Brook-tier cleavage. Still, what this petite teen lacks up top, she more than makes up for with her incredible long legs, and almost every inch of them is left bare by her skimpy little dress. She may not have Tina Turner’s pipes, but she should definitely keep flaunting those legs. Or, of course, she could always just go topless on stage if she really wants guys to stare at her small-but-awesome breasts (works for Taylor Momsen!).

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Sexy Starlet Trio at GQ Event includes Kelly Brook, Hermione

18 Aug

Here we have some pics from some GQ event, not that it really matters what the event is. What’s important are the women who showed up. Kelly Brook always manages to look classy as fuck. Even in this white dress which shoves her perfect tits up to show off a near-obscene amount of cleavage, you can’t call her a slut or an attention whore. She’s ‘beautiful’ or ‘radiant’. Seriously, just try. Honestly, the same goes for Emma Watson. Wearing some sort of leather-ish jacket and a weird, plaid, schoolgirl dress, Emma Watson is one of few who could pull this off and look sexy rather than ridiculous. And then we have Abigail Clancy, who looks like a cross between a doily and a hooker. Two out of three ain’t bad! Three out of three if you’d like to balance out your wholesome duo with a bleach-blonde hooker doily. I won’t judge.

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Curvy Scarlett Johansson On the Set of ‘The Avengers’

17 Aug

Saying that Scarlett Johansson is hot is just stating the obvious, but humor me for a moment. Or just look at the sexy pics above like you’re probably already doing. If you watched Iron Man 2, you know that Scarlett played the sexy and badass Black Widow, kicking ass in a skin-tight bodysuit. Well, you get to see her doing much of the same in The Avengers, which is slated to come out next year. Really, what’s not to like here, in these photos of her on the set? Scarlett Johansson with vibrant red hair, looking hot in her tight Black Widow costume and in her ‘civvies’. With her big tits and round ass, though, Scarlett could look just as hot dressed up as Thor or Captain America, which makes me realize after typing that how it brings to mind some very awkwardly hot fantasies. Yeah, now you’re thinking it too. Enjoy!

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