Lady Gaga and Her Tits are All Over the Place

2 Jul

Lady Gaga is everywhere lately, and so are her tits. First there was the GQ photo shoot, where she bared her tits just enough to leave us wanting more. (Well really, when don’t we want more?) And yesterday she was out attending a MAC Viva Glam launch where she encouraged her fans to use condoms. What she said isn’t really important. It’s what she wore! A nearly completely see-through outfit that completely showed off her tits in all their fine form, and not nearly enough pussy. But okay, it was a public event after all. The headpiece is a little over the top for me but again, Lady Gaga’s a little over the top.

So lesson learned? You can see Lady Gaga’s tits. You can even come up close and personal with them. But unless you’re wearin rubber, that’s about as far as you’re gonna get.

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Heather Morris Nude Photos

1 Jul

If you haven’t heard, ‘Glee‘ is the big new family show. It’s full of singing and dancing, and some incredibly hot actresses – including Heather Morris. Now, what usually happens when an actress finally hits the big time? Her dirty past comes back to bite her in the ass. Things are no different with the gorgeous Heather Morris.

Before the beauty got her big break on the hit show ‘Glee‘ she posed for a super sexy, yet artistic, photo shoot. Lucky for her (and us) we no longer live in a time where uncovered nude photos kill a star’s career, so her and her cute ass won’t be going anywhere for a while. Win!

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Khloe Kardashian’s Tits About to Star on TV

30 Jun

Well, after none of her friends wanted to tape her getting it on with her own pussy, Khloe Kardashian has found another way to grab the spotlight. In an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe goes topless and bares her beautiful breasts to the world. Hey, I may think the girl’s annoying but her tits sure aren’t!

It appears as though Khloe is maybe trying on a dress while she’s topless. Or maybe the top half of the outfit just fell off? It’s hard to tell but whatever she’s doing, she clearly doesn’t seem to care that her tits are exposed. She’s standing and laughing with a friend and waving at some very lucky bastard who’s not seen in the picture. Hopefully when the episode actually airs we’ll see her fling her hair back or shake it loose so we can get a better look at her perfect pillows.

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Rome: Making History Sexy!

29 Jun

Millions of people are obsessed with Ancient Rome and all the stories about Caesar, Octavian, and all of their various battles to defend Rome. That’s why HBO created the series Rome, that includes all of Julius Caesar’s victories and defeat along with breathtaking scenes of Italy’s countryside and a slew of Ancient Roman culture. But the best part is that it also includes a whole bunch of nudity!

Kerry Condon, Zuilekha Robinson, and Lyndsey Marshall are just a few of the people who repeatedly appear completely nude in the show. And don’t think that the most interesting places will be hidden by golden bangles or gigantic shields. Nope, HBO isn’t one to shy away from showing us all the muffs and melons and Rome doesn’t disappoint in that regard either.

Unfortunately, someone at HBO figured out that it was costing them $33 per viewer just to air the show and so just after two seasons, the show was cancelled. Luckily, it’s now out on Blu-Ray and available from Amazon. So not only can you see all the beautiful action, but you can also watch it again and again!

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Lara Stone Brings Erotica to Interview

28 Jun

This isn’t the first time that Interview magazine has done a risque photo shoot but this photo shoot with Lara Stone might just be one of the hottest. That’s because Lara has just been voted the Number One Model on and from looking at these pictures, it’s not hard to see why. Not only is Lara hot, but she also doesn’t seem to have any inhibitions – our favorite kind of model! She not only let us stare at every inch of her glorious tatas in this shoot, but she even gave us a hint of a look at her pussy with just the smallest strip of carpet peaking out. I’m just wondering if that’s all Lara shaved. It’s hard to tell from these pics whether she’s shaved those glorious blonde locks or whether her hair is just pulled back, really really tight.

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Lady Gaga Bares her Breasts for GQ

27 Jun

Love or hate her music, Lady Gaga has got some kind of knockout body! She’s got all the right curves in all the right places – and usually, she’s not too shy to let us see a lot of it! She has given us some more pics that we can go to bed dreaming about now that she has posed topless in GQ. It’s unfortunate that her arms are covering those gorgeous titties of hers but, she still looks damned good. Hopefully she’ll do a completely topless photo shoot soon (or better yet, a completely nude photo shoot) and we’ll get to see all of Gaga! With this bold lady, you know it’s gonna happen sooner or later!

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50 Cent and His Sex Tape Troubles

26 Jun

Here’s a different kind of sex tape scandal for you – a women is suing rapper 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) for being in her sex tape. Yeaaa… that’s a first.

Florida woman Lastonia Leviston is suing the rapper, claiming he used her name and likeness without her permission. You see, what he did is he edited himself into her sex tape, and then posted it on his own website.

Leviston is pretty pissed that 50 Cent dressed up in a red wig and Hef-like robe, blurred out her boyfriend’s face and then edited himself into the sex tape. She says her boyfriend was supposed to destroy the tape, but that he either sold it or gave it to the rapper, who used it as a big joke.

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Heather Graham’s Best Sex Scene

25 Jun

We all love the hot sex scenes in movies, especially when they feature super sexy stars like Heater Graham and Joseph Fiennes. Mmm.

Heather Graham does a hell of a steamy performance in the 2002 flick Killing Me Softly with the gorgeous Joseph Fiennes. The scene features the two of them having some fantastic rough sex, and on top of that you get to see every nude inch of Graham’s perfect ass and perky tits that will no doubt make any man drool.

Watching the clip is sure to get you all hot and bothered so check it out.

After that don’t you wish you could pin Heather Graham down and fuck her hard? Me too.

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Saintly Carrie Prejean Lets Her Nip Slip

24 Jun

Remember Carrie Prejean? She’s the hot little blonde bombshell that was a frontrunner to win the Miss U.S.A. Pageant last year. That was, until she told the entire world that she hates gay people. Yes, cute little Carrie got up on stage and told everyone that she thought it was a sin for people of the same sex to get married. Apparently though, it’s not a sin to make a sex tape, or to frolic in the waves with your boob hanging out of your bikini.

This pic of Carrie’s tit popping out to say hello was taken while she was in Hawaii with her boyfriend, Kyle Boller. At first, I thought that it probably wasn’t Carrie’s fault, even though it’s entertaining for the rest of us. I mean, when you wear an itty-bitty bikini, something’s bound to fall out, isn’t it? But then there’s the pics of Kyle up close and personal with her tit and it seems pretty obvious that they both knew, and that they both enjoyed it. Oh, and as for Carrie’s saintly position and calling other people out on all their sins? Carrie and Kyle are also living together – before marriage!! SINNERS!

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Elizabeth Hurley Gets Naked for Naked Heart Foundation

23 Jun

Ah, Elizabeth Hurley. What man on Earth hasn’t had at least one good jack off session thanks to her? Well, now you can have at least one more. This past week, Elizabeth Hurley attended a Naked Heart Foundation event in which she wore a very interesting sari that was see-through on one side. The bad news for Elizabeth Hurley? Everyone got to see her boob. The good news for us? We all got to see her boob!! And it’s fantastic! This woman really does have one of the greatest racks walking around in Hollywood and I’m just so glad that she gave us all a peek! Although, she certainly didn’t mean to. After some party-pooper mentioned to Elizabeth that she was flashing the world, Hurley kept a program held over her boob to hide it. Fortunately, a lot of pics were snapped before that happened!

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