Jessica Alba Topless!

6 Feb

Apparently this is the month of leaked photos because we’ve got some more naughty celeb pictures to share with you filthy folks. This time it’s Jessica Alba herself, the woman that has starred in the masturbatory fantasies of every man alive… and woman.

Reports are saying that these leaked photos came from Jessica’s cell phone – and before you get too excited, they’re aren’t exactly the sexiest photos of her. There’s an assortment of pictures – you’ve got one of her in bed with her husband Cash Warren, another of her flashing nip and one more of her showing off not only her pregnant belly, but also some under-boob.

It has yet to be confirmed whether or these photos are all of her, but I’ll let you guys decide for yourself.

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Kirsten Dunst Topless

5 Feb

If you thought Kirsten Dunst’s wet shirt scene in Spider Man was hot then prepare yourself, she has stepped it up a notch. This gorgeous woman is showing it all in the upcoming flick All Good Things. She’s topless AND wet in a naughty little shower scene! The film is about one of New York’s most notorious murderers, so don’t expect a big sexy story. It follows Robert Durst, played by Ryan Gosling,  who is the scion of the wealthy Durst family real estate empire in New York’s tony Manhattan. Durst was suspected but never tried for killing his wife Kathie who went missing in 1982. Her body was never found.

So, if the movie follows the real story, Kirsten Dunst will die, but at least we get sexy shots of those perfectly perky tits beforehand.

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Fetish Fix: Water Bondage

4 Feb

If the idea of your lover bound and submerged into water sounds appealing to you, then read on.

Water bondage is a form of sex play where BDSM mixes with breath control, immersion, water sex and much more. One is  bound and then either dunked, sprayed or drenched in water.  This is one of many fetishes that has no right or wrong way of doing it – you can bound your lover, toss them in the shower and fuck them any way you like or you can tie them up and spray them with a high pressured hose to mix bondage and pain. There are countless methods here perfect for anyone interested in water and BDSM.

But like all sex play – caution is a MUST. If one is not careful they can seriously injure or even kill their partner. So play safe.

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Miley Soon To Turn 18 – And Her Boobs Are Celebrating!

3 Feb

It is 11 days until Miley Cyrus turns 18 and already she’s showing us a little of what we can expect. Miley attended the MTV European Music Awards this weekend and she wore some type of cheap French Maid outfit. It’s hard to tell exactly because Miley made sure to pose in such a way that the only part of her we saw was her boobs that were more than poking out the side. But Miley wasn’t happy just flashing her tits down the red carpet. Later on during her performance, Miley also gave us some great camel-toe action.

I’m just keeping my own butt safe here by posting pics of Miley that give you the idea without actually showing anything. After all, there’s still another 11 days until the girl is no longer a minor and until then, I’d rather stay out of any Perez Hilton-type situations. To check out all of Miley’s parts, you can find them at Egotastic, who are braver souls than I.

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Topless Kat Dennings Photos Leaked!

2 Feb

We’ve got another glorious sexting scandal for you dear readers! This time the lovely lady behind the leaked cell phone pictures is Kat Dennings. You may not recognize the name, but I assure you, we all know her for her roles in flicks like Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, The House Bunny and The 40 Year Old Virgin.

The actress allegedly tried to text a couple naughty pictures of herself  to some lucky person, but they somehow hit the internet instead. Lucky us! The chick has a body women would kill to have and men would kill to fuck. I mean damn, look at those tits.

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Kaila Yu Sex Tape

1 Feb

Before Kaila Yu found fame and glory through modeling and starring in films like The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, she starred in a naughty internet sex series called Casting Couch. Using the name stage name of Nina, Kaila strips down, masturbates, gives a guy a hand job and so much more.

She may have looked hot in The Fast and the Furious in that little mini skirt, but no mini skirt can beat out bare tits and pussy. Although, it would have been nice if she had shaved that pussy beforehand. I mean damn woman, that’s a whole lot of bush.

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Taylor Momsen Flashes Crowd

31 Jan

If you didn’t know Taylor Momsen before, you sure do now. Gossip Girl’s little 17-year-old actress and singer flashed her tits during a New York concert. That’s right, she’s 17-years-old. Jeez. And people say Miley Cyrus is bad, at least she’s not flashing her audience.

Taylor was singing into the mic all seductive-like while groping herself, when she quickly yanked down her top, showed off her girls, and then pulled her top back up after a few seconds. Smooth.

But what does the kid have to say for herself? That it’s just part of the role she plays onstage.

“On stage I’m performing. It’s another extension of myself. I mean, I don’t walk out of my bedroom in the morning with stripper heels on.”

Right. Ok. Well you go on and enjoy your slutty “role” seeing how you’re the only one allowed to do so. Can we say jailbait?!

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Miley Cyrus Gets Ready for Full-On Trampiness

30 Jan

Yes it’s true boys, in just a matter of weeks you’re going to be able to jack off to Miley Cyrus’ teen-boppy videos and not be ashamed of it anymore – Miley’s about to turn 18!! And she’s headed straight for the whorehouse! Miley has been happy to give it all away in the past and as her age of legality comes up, it’s obvious that she can’t wait to do that legally. Some stills from her latest video, Who Owns My Heart give us just a taste of what we can expect from Miley in the years to come although I think we’ll see a lot of Miley titties and Miley upskirts in the very, very near future. I don’t think I was this excited for my own 18th birthday!

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Charlie Sheen Parties like a Porn Star with a Porn Star

29 Jan

Charlie Sheen has been a bad bad boy… again. Last week Sheen took a trip to New York and while there he flipped a bitch and trashed a suite at Manhattan’s famous Plaza Hotel. But he wasn’t alone – porn star Capri Anderson was with him.

According to reports, Sheen tore apart the hotel room after he couldn’t find his wallet and watch and accused the porn star of stealing them. Naked and screaming incoherently, Sheen allegedly chased the nude Capri into a closet from which she called hotel security. Cops were called and Sheen, who has had several stints in rehab, was taken in for a psychiatric evaluation. Believe it or not – Sheen wasn’t charged with anything. Lucky bastard.

Well, maybe not so lucky – Anderson, who says she felt her life was in danger, plans on filing a lawsuit against Sheen, who never paid her $12,000 escort fee.

But it’s not all bad, Charlie Sheen is back to normal and returned to the “Two and a Half Men” set amidst “fist pumps and hugs.”

Wow, he has a crazy night with a porn star, a trip to the hospital, then he files for divorce from his current wife, and then just goes back to work. I would to if I were paid 2 million per episode.

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Fetish Fix: Frotteurism

28 Jan

Frotteurism is an paraphilia in which someone is interested in rubbing, usually their pelvis or erect penis, against a non-consenting person for sexual gratification. It may involve touching any part of the person’s body, including the genital area. This activity is often done in circumstances where the victim may not notice, in a public place such as a crowded train or concert.

Someone who practices frotteurism is known as a frotteur. Most frotteurs are male and the majority of victims are female,  although female on male, female on female, and male on male frotteurs do exist.

Usually, such nonconsensual sexual contact is seen as a criminal offense: a form of sexual assault.  Conviction may result in a sentence or psychiatric treatment.

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