Selena Gomez Flashes Ass and Cleavage at the Beach

30 Jul

Selena Gomez ends the month of July for us in true summer fashion, by flashing some cleavage and ass all for our enjoyment. Sure, she can claim that she didn’t notice or that she had no idea there was a photographer nearby (ha!), but we all know that Ms. Gomez does it all for us because she cares. These pics feature the lovely and young Selena Gomez tanning at the beach, her bikini top undone and bottoms pulled down. As you’d imagine, doing so causes her to show off some perky cleavage when she leans up and the upper half of her ass, well, always. We even get a shot of her going into the water with her bikini top still partially undone, looking as if it will fall down and bare her 19-year-old breasts any moment now! Sadly, no matter how much I stare at her barely-legal body, her top isn’t falling down. There’s always tomorrow!

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Curvy Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Plenty of Leg

29 Jul

Taylor Momsen turned 18 a few days ago, but there have been no reports yet of her hosting “finally legal” orgies to celebrate; perhaps they’re still in progress. Until then, how about some Jennifer Love Hewitt? We haven’t seen much of her lately, which is pretty tragic, and many of her photos lately haven’t been all that flattering. She’s a curvy girl, no doubt, and there’s a delicate balance between curvy and kinda-fat which she seems to waver across. In these pics, however, she’s decidedly curvy and showing off that awesome body in a short little dress. And when I say body, I mostly mean her legs. Her big tits were all the rage ten years ago or so, and now she apparently prefers to keep those huge boobs under wraps rather than flaunting cleavage everywhere she goes. The sight of her sexy legs in high heels, and her big, round booty shown off by the dress make up for the lack of boobage, but I’d still like to see Jennifer Love Hewitt go the Christina Hendricks route and share her bountiful cleavage with the world.

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Vanessa Branch Loves See-Through Clothing

28 Jul

Who is Vanessa Branch, you might be asking? Well, I looked her up, because an ass like that deserves a biography. In short, though, she’s the cute British chick in those Orbit gum commercials, telling you that you have a dirty mouth. Granted, there are other situations we might prefer to hear her commenting on the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of our mouths. It would seem that Vanessa Branch is a bit of a dirty girl herself, teasing like a pro by going out in a see-through dress, flaunting her perfect ass in what looks like a bikini underneath. This isn’t a one-time thing either, since you can see in another pic that she’s out in public wearing a sheer top, her perky tits and nipples hidden only by the bra visible beneath. And in all three pics, we see that she loves showing off her long, sexy legs. If we have dirty mouths, it’s only because looking at this leggy blonde model makes us think and say dirty things. We learned it from you, Vanessa!

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Candice Swanepoel Fulfills Your Fetishes

27 Jul

Candice Swanepoel is easily one of the hottest Victoria’s Secret angels, which is saying a lot considering how many ridiculously hot models they’ve had over the years. The blonde beauty is truly beautiful, very thin, and has legs that I believe measure at least a mile long (give or take). Skinny Candice looks fantastic in just about anything, and she proves it further with this photo-shoot where she dons a wide variety of sexy and flirty Halloween costumes. If your fantasies have ever involved Candice Swanepoel in a sailor uniform or a furry Christmas-style get-up, now you can have some hot visuals of the leggy siren other than the twisted thoughts floating around your head. If not, there’s always a first time for everything, and seeing this VS Angel in a lingerie version of a cop uniform complete with fuzzy handcuffs is pure fetish fuel.

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Sarah Hyland as a Sexy Cheerleader

26 Jul

Sarah Hyland is best known as the 17 year old daughter Haley Dunphy on Modern Family. Fortunately for those of us who drool over the sexy piece of jailbait, she’s actually 20 years of age. Judging by these pics from the set of a movie called Struck By Lightning, it’s obvious Sarah is typecast into the jailbait role, and it’s wonderful. After all, that means her hot little body gets shown off in a highschool cheerleader uniform and sneakers, showing off her skinny legs as she prances around on set, tempting older men to steal a peek at her petite body and get branded as perverts. Well, Ms. Hyland, I’ll just come out and admit to being a pervert right off the bat, so it’s only natural that I share these pics of you as a cheerleader so everyone can enjoy those sexy legs. Pervert? More like philanthropist, if you ask me.

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Coco Austin Showing Off Her Ass. Again.

25 Jul

Nicole “Coco” Austin is truly legendary. Not because she’s actually interesting or skilled or anything, not at all; Coco Austin is legendary because she has one big phat booty and loves to fucking show it off. Her husband, Ice-T, doesn’t seem to mind at all either, thoughtful enough to share with us to some extent. In her latest set of totally-candid-and-not-staged pics, she heads to the beach wearing what she usually does: not much of anything. You can practically hear her thin-strapped bikini top crying as it struggles to hold up her huge tits, while her bikini bottoms do absolutely nothing to cover her giant, magnificent ass. She’s an attention whore on the same level as Adrianne Curry, only Coco’s “fame” is based off her insane body rather than attempts at geek cred. Now that Coco has her own TV series, I doubt it’ll be long before she ups the ante with a sex tape!

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Katie Holmes Breaks Free, Strips Down to Bikini

24 Jul

Katie Holmes is adorable and we need more of her. Human cloning isn’t really a “thing” yet, though, so we’ll have to do with just one Katie. We are given one miracle, which is that Tom Cruise has either let her out of her cage or he’s on the floor somewhere with a gnarly head wound and Katie Holmes is enjoying her few moments of freedom (sweet freedom!) before the cops haul her in. Not only is she out and about, she’s out and about in a bikini! Her marriage with Tom Cruise has led many to believe he’s holding her back and trying to prevent her from doing anything provocative. Well, fuck that, let’s see more of this beautiful brunette in skimpy bikinis. Or maybe latex slut-wear. I’d continue, but it’ll just end with fantasies of cute Katie Holmes working some seedy strip club for a few bucks while Tom Cruise cries in the corner. Don’t judge me!

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Emma Watson and Hermione’s Farewell Nip Slip

23 Jul

The Harry Potter movie series is now complete, which means we get no more of sexy Hermione Granger and her long hair. Emma Watson, as you’ve likely seen, has chopped it off for a much shorter pixie look, which admittedly does work quite well for her. Plus she also graced us with the sexy nipple slip above, which is a pretty decent trade-off. Really, her career is just beginning, and who knows whether she’ll continue doing fantasy films or whether she’ll quickly move into Black Swan territory like Natalie Portman, one actress she’s often compared to. Having been saddled with the Harry Potter series for so long, it wouldn’t be surprising to see her quickly moving into sexier territory to let the world know she’s a woman and not just Hermione. The nipple slip is the first step, her recent appearance in a little strapless dress might be the second, but we can only wait and see how far she’ll go.

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Jasmine Waltz Sex Tape Now Available

22 Jul

Jasmine Waltz has a sex tape out now! Who the hell is Jasmine Waltz? We don’t really know either, but some research shows that she was David Arquette‘s mistress, which isn’t exactly a claim to fame. Famous or not, though, she’s fucking hot, looking like a cross between Megan Fox and Adrianne Curry. The video’s being peddled at where you can see a preview and some screen-caps of her tight little body and big tits. No doubt she’s trying to get attention like Kim Kardashian and the like despite her supposed surprise at this tape being leaked to the public, but who gives a shit? She’s hot, she’s fucking and sucking on film, and that’s all the excuse we’ve ever needed to watch porn stars in action. Hell, sometimes we even skimp on the hotness, but with Jasmine Waltz that’s not an issue at all. This is the type of woman we want to see in crazy, mainstream porn. Make it happen, folks, this is just the beginning!

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Taylor Momsen Flashing Her Tits Again

21 Jul

Just when I was starting to think Taylor Momsen would pace herself before turning 18 on July 26, she goes and does something like this. The 17 year old singer isn’t shy at all about her sexuality, using that jailbait status to drive men (and women!) wild. She knows how to get around some difficulties, covering her nipples with electrical tape before flashing her perky teen tits to adoring audiences. We see her doing it again in Barcelona, having no qualms about showing off her skinny, sexy body. This time, however, Taylor Momsen takes things a bit further than just going topless, inviting a bunch of other girls on stage for some fun. She strips some of them down to their bras and panties and we even get some crazy hot pics of her grinding up against some other attention-starved teen. With less than two weeks to go before she hits the big “one-eight” we can only speculate what will happen at her birthday party/concert. Full nudity? Orgy? Something involving livestock?

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